HASA update - SNOFAS-1 launched


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Oct 11, 2009
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SNOFAS-1 satellite launched
The first of three SNOFAS satellite launched last Saturday, atop of a Ariane 4 (in the 44 PL configuration). SNOFAS-1 was released 2,5 hours after launch and activated 2 days after launch. the SNOFAS satellite network will help to find trapped skiers under avalanches.

For photo's of the launch, please click here

Russian technicians begins assembly of next station module
Russian technicians began to build the next module for the new space station. The second module that will launch to the station will be a Kristall like module. It will be used to dock the US Orion capsule and other spacecrafts that uses the same type of docking ports. This section will be launched towards the station during the second manned mission, that will be done by the European Pégase.

Chapman completes tests
The Chapman probe has successfully completed all of its test. It's been verified for flight. It will now be placed atop of the fregat stage and then be encapsulated by the fairings. Then the Soyuz will be rolled to the launch pad and a couple of days later, the encapsulated chapman will be placed atop of the soyuz, for its launch on February 1st. The Soyuz will roll-out to the pad on January 27th, Chapman will be placed atop of the Soyuz on January 29th and the launch will take place on February 1st.

Managers started to look at the SideMountHLV concept. Derk: "With the SideMountHLV we can lift heavy payloads into orbit. We need these kind of concepts because we won't fly the shuttle anymore to do this. The SideMountHLV can also be used to bring humans to Mars, so we are seriously looking if the SideMountHLV can do missions for us". If the plan gets approved, a first flight will bring a PMA and a second RMS to the new station. Later, it will fly humans to the station and eventually fly humans to Mars.

SNOFAS-2 being assembled
HASA engineers in Holland are assembling SNOFAS-2 satellite. This satellite, scheduled to launch later this year atop of a Ariane 4 (in the 44 PL configuration) will bring the SNOFAS network to half power. With the second satellite, HASA increases accuracy to find trapped skiers, buried beneath snow.

ME-4 launch date
Managers picked a launch date for ME-4. It's is now scheduled for February 15th, 1:09 p.m. UTC. It will bring an open airlock and a RMS to the station.

Extraordinary photo
Here's a photo of the second stage of the Ariane 6 that was used for ME-3:

The photo was taken by a camera that is mounted on the outside of the vehicle. The camera is used by engineers to observe and evaluate launches. a couple of minutes after the photo was taken, the camera ran out of power.

This was the HASA update for this week, thanks for your interest!