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  • Hello, I am new to this forum. You will have the new version of Terrain Toolbox for textures and elevation and seas, thanks....
    I just wanted to say thank you, for creating IMFD. I've been away from Orbiter a while, just getting back into it. I remember not being able to understand TransX very well, but taking to IMFD quite easily. Now that I'm back, I thought I'd give TransX another go. And OMG the minutiae of tweaking you have to do just to get a good ejection point! If I only had TransX, I'd never leave Earth. And Orbiter wouldn't be half as fun.

    I just wish I could figure out how to work the slingshot program; haven't figured that part out yet. :)
    Hi Jarmo,

    I am planning a little code-structure rework regarding OGCI.
    I have build myself projects and solutions to make the process a little different.
    The main reason for this is (my personal) dislike of having .cpp files in the include folder ;)
    My 'solution' would just leave the OGCI.h in include folder and a (static) OGCI.lib library in the lib folder.
    I think this would be "cleaner"... and by including #pragma comment(lib, "OGCI.lib") into the header, the user must not even add the library to their linker config!
    I only have to check if all compiler combinations (2008,2010,2012) will work well.
    I will not change anything until I am sure it works well, so no panic ;)
    Do you have any thoughts against this?

    I am new to Orbiter. I attempted to install the LunarTransferMFD as the first add-on MFD in my Orbiter 2010 install. I copied the zip file to the main orbiter directory, and unzipped it. When I load the LTMFD scenarios, the LTMFD is does not appear in any selection page in the MFD panel.

    Was wondering why this is; and didn't post in the add-on thread due to rule about necro-posting.

    Hi Jarmonik!

    I was just checking the D3D9 thread to see if there were updates and according to the thread I was totally up-to-date. But when I checked the D3D9 website I noticed that I was 1 version behind.

    Could you update the first post in the thread, please? I know it's a bit nitpicking but I actually use the thread to check if I'm still up-to date.

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