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  • Kennst Du jemanden in der Nähe von gera, der mein Auto verstecken kann? Ich hab mich mit der ukrainischen Mafia angelegt. Die Karre ist schon Schrott, aber die brennt gleich, der schleicht schon ums Auto.
    Die Thüringer Polizei bekennt offen, dass sie niccht gegen Ukrainer ermittln darf, weil der Innenminister das befohlen hat. Die Beamten explodieren förmlich. Ein Richter hat mir das heute auch bejaht. Insgesammt 9 Beamte haben es mir bestätigt.
    Getting more detailed. Found some improvements while trying to turn a low quality drawing of NASA into 3D, still not the final geometry. Don't worry, its only 116m long.

    Well, sure not as young as in 2006, but there. :D All fine, also slowly getting more active with Orbiter 2016 again, after a long time with damaged hardware... My family is more important than Orbiter now.
    Its amazing you are still here, I remember you since I first downloaded Orbiter in 2006. Hope all is well!
    Hey, long time no talk. Hope you've been well.

    Anyway, is there a way for Gattispilot to to fix the Orbiter rotation bug, buy placing somewhere in the code to reset the grapple position to keep it from wandering ?

    I think that's what Siamesecat did to fix it in the Canadarm2 code, but I don't know for sure, If anyone could help him, I figured it would be you. Well, thanks for listening. Hope to hear from you soon.

    BTW, he's asking about it on the Shuttle fleet recompile thread.

    So from what I can read from an .ini file...
    Docking ports are defined with three sets of coordinates, and they have a unique frequency
    I would assume that a docking port is anything that will allow UMMU
    Attachment points are also defined (child?) but they have only attachment enable/disable and occupancy status.

    Reading about "Spacecraft.dll" helped some but not much.

    the above are all attachment points I want to use associated with my GWS space station, I figure I'll have to use predefined attachment methods that Orbiter can handle. Hope this helps narrow it down.
    Seriously: :rofl: I prefer whisky. And I prefer my whisky to be Scottish.

    But if beer, Flensburger Gold is my favorite currently. I stopped drinking much beer after the army. There was also a great Czech beer in the (in)famous Jolly Joker discotheque back then.

    PS: Found a shop in Limburg, that is also selling French beer, that is NOT Kronenbourg. ;) It really exists!
    No, it was just for fun. I like the musical interpretations of the Merseburg Incantations, especially the In Extremo version, and felt like the real artistic value of the spell becomes visible in Futhark, because the runes really add a new dimension to the spell
    Urwumpe, why do you have an Old Germanic healing spell (one of the Merseburg Incantations to be more precise) written in elder futhark in your signature? Is there some backstory about it?
    Can you except my friend request now? I remeber when i first joined i sent you one but you said you done be friends with just anyone. Do you know me enough now?
    Hi, I was wondering if you had come up with a propellant flow # for the NTR we were disccussing. You mentioned 2.2 kg/s would be too low on the random comments thread.
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