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Hi Fred, I'm looking for the download for Vessel Builder. I saw there was a link for a pre-release on the first page of the VesselBuilder thread, but it doesn't seem to work. Do you know where i could find the newest release?
the link is still active. if you right click and download the zip file it should just work. I just tried to be sure and it's working. For some browser security issue it might be that the download does not start automatically, but if you right click the link and save it it should work, let me know if you can get it
Had to click "open in new tab", should have thought of that. Thanks for the help
I am so excited over DanSteph's addon updates that are in progress. It is always such a blast of nostalgia to look back at what he has done, and it is endlessly exhilarating to see what more there is to come in the next iteration.

I don't know why I'm writing this blurb. Maybe the morning coffee just got to me, lol. Anyway, looking forward to the future!
I did not quite get around to answering you tonight so here's the short version
  • Make sure you're creating a new DLL project in VS
  • under C/C++ add the orbitersdk/include directory
  • under linker add the orbitersdk/lib