HASA update - ME-3 launched


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Oct 11, 2009
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ME-3 launched
ME-3 is on its way to the moon. The spacecraft was launched on Saturday October 30th at 08:00 p.m. UTC. The TLI occurred at 9:45 p.m. utc. ME-3 will deliver new trusses to the MSSEU.

First station crew completed full practice
The first crew that will go to the new station completed the first full flight training.
Radimir Pankrati, mission commander, said the following after the practice: "We're happy that we've completed the first full training. of course we did a lot of training already, but those were like stages of the mission. Now we did a full flight to the station. With that I mean: launch, rendezvous and docking. Of course, we still need to practice a lot, but now we know how far we already are."
We also asked what will be the first thing that they'll have to do. Pankrati: "When we arrive, there will be a Russian progress and an European ATV vessel docked to the station. The progress is filled with air, water, fuel, food and experiments. We will take care of that after the ATV. The ATV will be filled with systems for the station like the TORU system, laptops and a lot of other systems that we need to run the station. We will first empty the ATV, mainly because we need those systems. because the ATV is filled with heavy equipment, it won't be 100% full, so we will have emptied pretty soon after that we've arrived. Then, the ATV will undock and then we will unpack the progress."

Satellite contract signed with ESA
HASA has singed a contract with ESA to deploy satellites in Earth orbit, Lunar orbit and in Mars orbit. The so called Microsats will be carried aboard the Pegasé capsule, that's going to be used for missions to the new space station and the missions to the lunar surface, and the Orion capsule, that will bring the first humans to Mars. The satellites will be retrieved a mission later.

HASA will leave WideAwake
HASA will leave WideAwake. This because it's too expansive at the moment. All the rockets that HASA uses are being shipped to WideAwake in pieces. Then they need to be assembled. This is too expansive. The last launch of HASA on WideAwake will be the test launch of the Orion spacecraft, after the MSSEU program. HASA HQ will now move to the Netherlands. HASA will use the facility's in Noordwijk (the same that ESA uses) to assemble their satellites and fill the ATV with payload.

HASA ordered 3 Ariane 4's
HASA has ordered 3 Ariane 4's. They will launch a new satellite network. With this network, it is easier to find trapped skiers under an avalanche. The skiers need to wear a special device that will detect when they get buried under an avalanche. When this happens, it will send a signal to the satellites and they will alert rescuers that are available in that area. The fist satellite will launch in early 2011.