Multiplayer Lite

Multiplayer Lite 0.3

Welcome to the installation guide for the "multiplayer lite" mod for the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. This mod allows you to join other players in an exhilarating space flight experience, keeping your simulation sessions synchronized for enhanced multiplayer interaction. Follow these steps to install the mod and join the fun!

Installation Steps​

  1. Download the zip file of the Multiplayer Lite mod. Extract it into the root folder of Orbiter, ensuring the directory structure is maintained.
  2. Activate the "multiplayer-lite" module under the modules tab in Orbiter.
Once the simulation loads, players whose Modified Julian Date (MJD) is within 10 seconds of your local client's MJD will automatically be added to your simulation session.

Using Multiplayer Lite MFD​

The Multiplayer Lite Multi-Function Display (MFD) is an essential tool for interacting with other players online. See below for its interface and functionalities:


  • Press Shift + P then enter a player's name to synchronize simulation times automatically.
  • You can also adjust the time manually using the R and T keys for time acceleration.
  • Next to each player's name, you'll find the time difference in seconds between your simulation sessions. A value close to zero indicates successful sync.
  • Press SHIFT + [ and ] to scroll the player list
Experiencing Orbiter with others enhances the overall experience, making it a must-try for every orbinaut.

Recommended Additions​

For an even more thrilling experience, consider installing the Orbiter Rocket Racing League to race against fellow players:

  1. Install the ORL offline package.
  2. Install Face's conversion of WIA to Orbiter 2016.
  3. Load one of the ORL scenarios.
  4. Sync with online players and enjoy the race!
Follow these instructions to set yourself up for an unparalleled space racing adventure.


If you are able to see the MFD but are unable to see other players even though you are sure other players are online, make sure you make an exception for any firewalls, or try v0.1 release by going into this addon's history.
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Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
First release
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Latest reviews

I always shied away from multiplayer mods because of my past experiences with OMP years and years ago and how it would not quite work properly most of the time, and was a bit annoying to configure.

But this one? Ohhh, this one was easy! Just a drag and drop, then activate the module in the launchpad, and you're good to go! This is amazingly easy, and it makes me wanna play multiplayer Orbiter again! :D
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