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  • Hello! I'm a new member here, but I'm old (too old maybe) orbinauta... :) I would like download "Altea Aerospace XR-1, etc.", but I haven't permission... :-(
    Can you help me? Thank you for your assistance!
    same problem
    All you have to do is follow the instructions detailed on the permissions page -- once you make one post to the forum and a staff member approves that initial post, your account will have full access.
    The person who posted the Megan AI Voice overhaul on No Man's Sky Nexusmods, is it you?
    It is. :) I plan to add a link on my Web site to the NexusMods page for that mod once I have some time.
    The zip file is empty after download...I have tried to download the file using different browsers...still no luck. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Walt Fuller ([email protected]

    I just wanted to thank you and your team for developing such an awesome set of ships for Orbiter! I happened to check out Orbiter recently to find that 2016 version is out, then a close friend of mine suggested to try out the XR ships and I literally fell in love with them, I can literally feel all the love and attention to detail that has been put in the development of these wonderful ships!

    Keep up the awesome work!
    Hello Douglas,
    Using the UMMU action area system it's possible to repair a damaged motor with the enter key in some ships. Is it possible to do such thing by taking advantage of the XR2 and XR5 damage system? maybe add a new c++ code? thanks... Please reply here if you don't mind: [email protected]
    Could the XR fleet use a SABRE Reaction engine? I was thinking of a rocket hybrid of the J-58 turbo-ramjet for the XR2. It would save a ton of fuel during takeoff and initial ascent up to SCRAM altitude. Also I'm not too sure about the SCRAM temps at 65km
    To Meyerm.
    Go to Orbiter\Config\, and there will be a file called "XR2RavenstarPrefs.cfg". Open the file in Notepad and using the Notepad search function at Edit>Find, search for "damage"(without the quotes of course.) . You will see it highlighted at the bottom of the Notepad window. Scroll down and there you will see several variables with the word "damage" in them. Change the value whatever variable you want from 1 to 0 to disable the type of damage it controls.
    Hope it helped :).
    P.S. It and many other tips will be in the manual.
    There's no place else to post this, so... here it goes. How do I modify the settings so the xr2 and its crew are immune to damage, suffocation, etc.
    Just wanted to thank you for the awesome work you have done with the XR-series.

    Orbiter would not be the same without it ;)
    Hello sir,
    I am currently working on developing a vessel for orbiter in 3dsmax 2012 and having a problem exporting a msh file using max2msh. I was wondering what you guys use and if you know of another exporter for 3ds max.

    I have a question regarding the XR5 Vanguard (ver. 1.2). I am using it in Orbiter 2006 P-1 (060929). I obtained the newer extended range oxygen and main fuel cargo container for the newer version of the XR5 and I can load them into the Vanguard in the scenarios but when I exit and then return later the containers are no longer in the cargo bay but floating (or laying on the ground if the vessel is landed) a short distance away. I have to open the cargo bay doors and grapple them in order for the contents to be useable every time I re-enter the scenario. And each time that is done, another payload bay vessel is added even though one already exist. Can you give me some help in trying to resolve this or are these containers not compatible with the older version of the XR5? I appreciate your time in reviewing this. Thank you.
    Hello Mr. Beachy,

    I posted a blog entry entitled "Project Redwood" and now its not listed. I came back to improve the formatting afterlooking up some bbcode and its not listed. I've been reading the rules and guidelines once a week for some time now. I want to be myself as much as possible, but not at the expense of other's use of the forum. I checked my email and there's nothing there regarding it. Maybe it's just being reviewed... I did not save a draft. Should the forum wish to discard it, that's fine with me. If it can be edited and posted that would be great. It was not an addon request but rather an effort to refine my thought process through feedback. I did spend a good dealof time preparing it. It any event it is a learning process and in this respect I can't lose.

    Thank you.
    Hi dbeachy! Obiter wouldn't be the same without your XR vessels! Recently I saw the thread for the upcoming XR2 mkII. That really turns me on!! If you are planning a beta test team I would love to be part of it. I've been already in the team for the great Dansteph addons DGIV and UCGO.
    I was trying to post pics from my album to a topic thread and it kept giving me an error (cant do bbt) or something, any ideas what that means>?
    hello dbeachy! can you ask for someone an patched 2010p1 edition Space Ship One?

    Your XR-02's body looks like SR-71's body, featured in ace combat, if reminds well. if you already have played any of ace combat games, please tace a moment to be part of my group "Ace combat Fans" if not ignore this message
    Just curious any ideas for a next vessel in the XR series e.g. mini shuttle, lander etc.
    For some reason the chat box isn't appearing for me. Can you private message me with an explanation? I really want to use that box.
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