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Jan 5, 2018
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Also now that your open source, why did you never before do like Celestia and go all out, and have you considered maybe collaborating with Space Engine if you could reach an agreement or something like Celestia, a universe simulator with Space Engine Graphics I feel like it could really open up possibilities, and even a Sim city style find and build on other worlds. Mine the trade, but still accurate and educational for all known objects. I swear I think you and the guys from Space Enigine could do something special together. Maybe with some help from some of the old MAXIS guys. Just an idea so please nobody be offended either way. I love your programs and thankful for all the fun and years.. If the impossible happened it could even be an exploratory, high res on all NASA maps for all planets that they could keep up to date and make it a central platform and hub that even Space X could use.

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