News Happy Birthday ULA! 10 Years; 113 Launches; 100% MISSION SUCCESS!

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Apr 3, 2016
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:happybday: United Launch Alliance!



United Launch Alliance Celebrates 10 years of Unmatched Service, Continues to Transform the Space Launch Industry

Making space more accessible and affordable worldwide

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Centennial, Colo., (Dec. 1, 2016) – For 10 years, United Launch Alliance has been the nation’s premier launch provider, offering unmatched reliability, schedule certainty and 100 percent mission success. As 2016 comes to a close, ULA has successfully launched 113 times since the company was formed in December 2006.

“For a decade, our ULA team has made the ordinary, extraordinary,” said Tory Bruno, president and CEO of ULA. “I am grateful to all of our employees and industry partners for their unwavering dedication to mission success. Over the last 10 years, ULA has launched 71 national security missions, 28 NASA missions and 14 commercial missions that save lives, explore the universe and connect the world.”

In 2014, ULA embarked on a multi-year transformation to cut the price of launch services in half, making space more accessible and affordable. In addition, ULA has cut the time it takes to assemble the rocket with the spacecraft at the launch site and fly by more than two thirds, and it has entered into strategic partnerships with key suppliers which have reduced the supply chain cost by 36 percent.

In addition to ULA’s most recent announcements, the company introduced the world to the new innovative Vulcan Centaur rocket in 2015, which will be superior in reliability, cost, weight and capability.

“The Vulcan Centaur’s American engine and Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage (ACES) reusable upper stage will introduce revolutionary capabilities that will change how we go to space and what we can do there,” said Bruno. “The key to long-term success of the space enterprise is to develop a self-sustained space economy in cislunar space; ACES makes it possible, delivering 30 percent more performance than Delta IV Heavy and extending missions from just hours to weeks.”

“Human spaceflight has been in our Atlas DNA since the 1960s, and now our Atlas V, along with Boeing’s Starliner, will launch American astronauts to the International Space Station in 2018,” said Bruno.

ULA has launched missions that have discovered water on Mars, predicted dangerous weather, given us new views of the Earth, provided communications to underserved regions, protected our troops and made the world a safer place.

“As we reflect over the last 10 years, the ULA team has achieved remarkable accomplishments. I’m honored to be a part of the best launch team in the world, and I look forward to helping the men and women of ULA continue to transform the launch industry,” said Bruno.