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Negi-1 satellite launch vehicle v0.1 2013-01-26


The Negi-1 (ネギ-1) was a rocket developed by the Hatsunia AeroSpace Development
Agency. Named after the vegetable also known as the “green onion” or “welsh onion”,
among other names, the launch vehicle consisted of four stages with solid propellant.
On August 31, 1967, it launched from the Negishima Space Center* in southern
Hatsunia to put the first Hatsunese satellite into Low Earth Orbit.
(*since Negishima doesn’t exist yet, the included launch scenario takes place in Cape Canaveral instead)
HATSUNE (High Altitude Test Satellite Using Numerous Experiments) (はつね) was an

experimental technology demonstration satellite. Meaning “first sound” (初音), the

satellite weighed 42.0 kg and was 1,580 mm long. It consisted of the fourth stage of the

Negi-1 and various scientific instruments.



· Make sure you have installed Vinka’s Multistage2 and Spacecraft3, from to your

Orbiter directory. These plug-ins are available at, and

are required for the add-on to function properly.

· Then install Vinka’s Spacecraft3.dll and Stage.dll patches (place those patches in

the “modules” folder of your Orbiter directory).

· Unzip this .zip file to your Orbiter directory.

· Two scenarios (HATSUNE in orbit and Negi-1 launch) are included in


Hatsunia is my fictional federal republic based on Japan and the synthesizer

software/fictional singer, Hatsune Miku. The Hatsunese space program is inspired by

Japanese space agencies. The Negi-1 is based off the Lambda-4S rocket, and the design

of the HATSUNE is based off the Ōsumi, Sputnik, and Explorer-1 satellites.

Thanks to Martin Schweiger, for creating Orbiter,

and Vinka, for creating Spacecraft3 and Multistage2If you came here to complain about how this wasn't .dll-based, then feel free to make a .dll version. Not everyone has programming skills, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

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