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Mirai space station 2016-08-08


Mirai ("future") is a modular scientific space station operated by the Hatsunia Aerospace Science and Development Agency (HASDA). It is made up of several pressurized modules, as well as trusses and solar arrays. Reusable Crew Vehicles dock to the station for 6-month expeditions. The station houses 6 permanent crewmembers, but can support more for a week-long stay.
[Note: the missions are not complete yet.]
[Installation]- (required) Vinka’s spacecraft4: (required) poscik’s CMG:http: //, and c3po’s CMG mesh:http: // (required) Donamy’s Canadarm2http: // (required for missions) Negishima Space Center:http: //, or its treeless version:http: // (required for missions) M-II Launch Vehicle:http: // (required for missions) Reusable Crew Vehicle:http: // Extract this .zip file to your Orbiter folder.- If you want to, back up */Textures/ (Canadarm texture) and replace itwith the file located in */Mirai_RMS- Scenarios are located in “Mirai (Hatsunese Space Station).” More information is located in */Doc/Mirai.
Hatsu nia is an alternate-universe version of Japan inspired by the virtual singingcharacter “Hatsune Miku.” There has been a successful fan petition to place images of her on JAXA’s Venus Climate Orbiter “Akatsuki,” as well as amateur space hardware and rocketry projects associated with Miku. For more information, please see this thread: http: //
Space Station Mirai is mostly inspired by the International Space Station, especially the Japanese Kibo module.
Special thanks to Martin Schweiger for creating Orbiter, Vinka for creating spacecraft4, Poscik and Fizyk for the sun tracking .dll, and the rest of the Orbiter community for their support.
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