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Negishima Space Center v0.2 2015-02-22


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Negish ima Space Center is a spaceport located on Negishima, a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean (3.9°N, 139°E). It is far south from the (fictional) country of Hatsunia. The island’s name comes from its resemblance to a green onion (negi). The Hatsunia Aerospace Science and Development Agency (HASDA) and the commercial launch service provider Hatsunespace conduct orbital launches from this island.
v0.2 adds scattered palm trees, as well as changes to the M-II launch padand the building behind the Negi-5 launch pad.
Unzip this .zip file, and copy its contents into the folder where you installed Orbiter. A Delta-glider take-off scenario is included.
DisclaimerHatsunia is a fictional, alternate version of Japan based on the virtual singing character “Hatsune Miku.” The Hatsunese space program is a more ambitious version of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The base itself takes inspiration from Loru’s Carl Sagan Space Center, Tanegashima Space Center (in Donamy’s “H-IIB HTV” addon), and the Kagoshima launch pad (in BrianJ’s add-ons).
Thanks to Martin Schweiger for creating Orbiter, csanders for creating Base Maker, and the Orbiter community for helping me in creating this.
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