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    OHM Magnetic Astrophysics Laboratory (MAL) v0.3

    Thanks, RC! I was in need of a new module for my station. :tiphat:
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    News Envisat services interrupted

    I didn't mean return it, repairing it.
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    News Envisat services interrupted

    Well, too bad the Shuttle fleet is retired now...
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    Do it yourself Name-A-Star gift project

    Can't be a bad telescope if Leonard Nimoy and Terry Farrell are promoting it... :lol:
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    OHM Project-Outposts: Wet Workshops

    Thanks Steve, for this wonderful addon! I might ask you if you are ever planning on making the attachment points into docking ports, because I'm not an ace at attaching solar panels/antennas to attachment points with the canadarm.
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    Project Project - Outposts

    I know, but I meant the model of the docking port.
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    Project Project - Outposts

    What docking mechanism will the station parts have? Or will there be adapters to APAS-95/CBM?
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    Announcement Tex Steps Down / Forum Ownership Change

    You've been a great admin, Tex. I wish you good luck with your new passions. :salute:
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    OHM OP Center Farenheit

    Wouldn't be surprised if Riddick was in there...
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    My daughter's XR2 and XR5 repaints

    :hesaid: This topic is seriously becoming a ranting topic for people who find their repaints better then others. Quit the crap.
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    Railway Tunnel from Alaska to Siberia

    Well, a bridge could be possible, if you start at Wales, Alaska, with a bridge to the Diomede Islands (40 KM), which uses the islands as some kind of stop, and then goes to somewhere near Uelen (36 KM). But again, that would indeed cost a lot.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Check the new addons on Orbithangar.
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    Project Orbiter Galaxy

    Maybe you can use the same texture generator as Space Engine has for more realistic textures?
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    That's right, they're from the Mir-2 1993.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    My current space station, the International Space Outpost Cetus.