Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter


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Addon Developer
Feb 2, 2012
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Here is the DG VB interior:

So the mfd is different than the non VB. Notice in the VB version no power buttons. I am thinking that it makes it own texture with the buttons. I can't open the DG VC mesh in meshwizard or something to see the dimensions
did you check the video of the DG I posted? it covers also the MFD Definitions.

Basically you put the center of the power and the center of the Menu button and VB will create three buttons equally spaced PWR-SEL-MNU between the first and the last. Same for the 2 columns. Actually they are called columns but if you put the first and the last button horizontally it will work as well. Anyway check the video of the VC of the DG: it builds exactly the MFDs. in that case there is no PWR button but it is defined anyway and you will have an area in the DG where you click and it works as a button even though there is no button in the mesh.