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Jun 14, 2008
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Bonjour :salute:

I am looking for someone who could help me to adjust the flight parameters for a Cessna 172 that I am in the process of modeling.

Here is a picture:


It is a "VesselBuilder" vessel.

But I am not very good with the settings of this aircraft...
Currently it flies well (even very well) but several problems do not satisfy me.

In brief :
  • the maximum speed is too high
  • the lift seems too high
  • the "forces" of the control surfaces are certainly not in conformity
  • it tends to "go up"
  • the flaps do not modify the flight envelope.

In short, everything related to the flight envelope and control surfaces.
(for example : if I put the real weight for this plane, taxiing is impossible. I therefore had to increase its weight).

My goal is not to make an airplane similar to the one you can find in flight simulator, but to try to get as close as possible an airplane of this type.
(Otherwise I'll keep it like that ....)

If anyone is familiar all of this "fliyng" parameters with Fred18's "VesselBuilder", I will be happy to be able to improve this aircraft, which will be part of a future add-on (in progress) with all aerodromes in French Guiana, including Kourou (which already exists in my "Kourou-CSG" add-on).

thank you in advance
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