Question Recreating the Apollo Shininess


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Jul 16, 2016
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Beware of museum articles, sometimes they are different from actual flight hardware. Work based on flight photos, you'll get more realistic results. ;)

Your efforts are great, I look forward to using your textures. My comments were just nitpicking, don't worry about them.
The LM looks great, especially the foil :salute:
actually... that's most of your merit :hailprobe: you talked the other day about that debugging option so I figured can't hurt to take a look.
little bit is related with me trying about 27 different mylar gold foil, ok. I mostly cut them from real pictures, probably that's why they look great.
say... :sneaky: wouldn't it be nice, once I be prepared to publish all these updates for AMSO textures - to include that updated Saturn V textures
they look great and I wouldn't want to have to update that too. of course I can give a link but it would be nicer to have it all together, in one download.
also ? I know you don't like it since you don't call that a real mod, what about those darkened LEM cockpit textures. those also contribute to immersion
in my honest opinion. full credits would be given of course.

Also I think it's now time :rolleyes: to open my own topic about this where I could post pics, talk about developing and future updates and stop spoiling others.