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OFSS IRC Coverage


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Apr 27, 2008
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Mission coverage from the IRC channel will be posted here.

Mission 1 Coverage on the IRC:

Session Start: Wed Jun 10 19:54:57 2009
Session Ident: #OFSS
03[19:54] * Now talking in #OFSS
03[19:54] * Topic is 'Live updates of the Orbiter Forum Space Station.'
03[19:54] * Set by TNeo on Wed Jun 10 19:13:12
[19:55] <Arrowstar> Hmm
[19:55] <Arrowstar> Well... what was your deployment at, altitude and ecc-wise?
[19:56] <Woo482> my altitude was around 250-300 KM and I'm not sure about the ecc
[19:57] <Arrowstar> Hmm.  Well, I'm not sure what to tell you.  The AP should work.  Are you using a clean install of Orbiter 2006?
[19:57] <Arrowstar> (with the requiste addons, of course)
[19:58] <Woo482> nah I've never used a clean install the problem is with my flying
[19:58] <Arrowstar> Okay, well, practice makes perfect then, I guess :)
[19:59] <Woo482> I'm probably not going to post untill after orbit insertion 
[19:59] <Woo482> so untill then hope I can get it up this time :)
[19:59] <Arrowstar> Good luck
03[20:06] * TNeo sets mode: +o Woo482
01[20:06] <Astrosamm> You should end up with 7km/s and an altitude of around 290km/s, the rest of it can be done with the tug.
[20:07] <@Woo482> ok
[20:07] <@TNeo> And altitude of 290km/s? XD
[20:07] <@TNeo> *an
[20:07] <@Woo482> wow that's a high altitude
01[20:08] <Astrosamm> Oops!
01[20:08] <Astrosamm> 290km
[20:08] <@Woo482> YES
[20:08] <Arrowstar> It worked? :P
[20:08] <@Woo482> Kind off
[20:08] <@Woo482> I'm at the correct vel 
[20:09] <@Woo482> the launcher went in to a spin so I had to eject the payload earlyer than planned 
[20:10] <@Woo482> Look's like a total fail
01[20:10] <Astrosamm> Well, as long as it does not come lower than 150km it still will be possible to boost it up in the next mission.
[20:10] <@Woo482> Really ?
[20:10] <@Woo482> Lucky me its 170Km
[20:11] <Arrowstar> Circular orbit?
[20:11] <@Woo482> yea 
[20:11] <Arrowstar> Good enough! :P
[20:12] <@Woo482> only a few 100m between ApA nd PeA
[20:12] <@Woo482> I have 4% fuel left is there any thing I can do with that ?
[20:12] <Arrowstar> Astrosammy: Can I suggest that after every mission, when you put together the next scn, to time warp a month or two ahead, so the station feels the effect of various physical forces (atm drag, etc)?
01[20:12] <Astrosamm> Yes, I do that.
[20:13] <Arrowstar> Woo: Boost up the apogee a bit so it's easier to boost, I'd say
[20:13] <Arrowstar> *easier to boost later
[20:13] <@Woo482> ok I'll go try that
01[20:13] <Astrosamm> Woo: Yes, boost it a bit.
[20:13] <@Woo482> my ECC's too high :(
[20:13] <@Woo482> its 0.0000
[20:14] <TSPenguin> Can't be too high
[20:14] <TSPenguin> lol
[20:14] <@Woo482> do I burn at the ApA to boost orbit ? I've not done it for ages
01[20:15] <Astrosamm> Yes, ApA would propably be he best.
[20:15] <@Woo482> ok 
[20:15] <@Woo482> 200KM ok ?
01[20:16] <Astrosamm> That's OK
[20:16] <@Woo482> ok only 100KM off the target :(
01[20:17] <Astrosamm> Don't worry, next flight will be a XR-5, that has enough fuel to get it to 300km.
[20:17] <@Woo482> ok and how meny crew flight's are we sending up ?
01[20:19] <Astrosamm> Mission 6 will be the first crew flight, I think that after that every 5th mission can be a crew launch.
[20:20] <@Woo482> ok
[20:21] <@Woo482> detach the tug ? or keep it for backup RCS 
[20:21] <@TNeo> What is the core module?
[20:21] <@Woo482> Mir2
[20:21] <@TNeo> Keep the tug.
[20:22] <@Woo482> But I think it was edited to have RCS
01[20:22] <Astrosamm> Yes
[20:22] <@TNeo> Nope
[20:22] <@TNeo> Oh
[20:22] <@TNeo> It was?
[20:22] <@Woo482> wouldent you have to edit the .dll to do that ?
01[20:22] <Astrosamm> Just a little config file change.
[20:22] <@Woo482> oh ok I'll release the payload and get some pic's now
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> MaxAttitudeThrust = 1e3
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> MaxFuel = 1000
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> Isp = 2e3
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> Thats how I did it.
[20:23] <@TNeo> Okay
[20:23] <@Woo482> Fuel was empty 
[20:23] <@TNeo> And you kept the DLL?
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> Yes, dll was kept.
[20:23] <@Woo482> what should I do ? 
[20:23] <@Woo482> edit it in ?
01[20:23] <Astrosamm> Use scenario editor. I just forgot it.
[20:23] <@Woo482> k
[20:24] <@Woo482> ok seporation
[20:25] <Arrowstar> Woot :D
[20:25] <Arrowstar> Nice work
[20:26] <@Woo482> only problem is all my flight pic's are from the fail launch's are they still ok ?
01[20:26] <Astrosamm> Yes, they are still OK
[20:26] <@Woo482> ok good 
[20:27] <@Woo482> can I use the RMS to take some pic's ?
[20:27] <@TNeo> RMS?
[20:27] <@TNeo> You launched it with an RMS?
01[20:27] <Astrosamm> Yes, you can use it. RMS was stowed inside.
[20:27] <@TNeo> Yes
[20:27] <@TNeo> Nice
[20:27] <@TNeo> Use the RMS to take pics.
[20:30] <Arrowstar> Astrosammy: Do you want us to create O-F picture albums, or just email you screenies?  Or can the group have its own album(s)?
01[20:32] <Astrosamm> It can't have own albums, but images can be added to the group. So the best would be to upload it to a O-F album and send me the links.
[20:33] <@Woo482> I have a small problem
[20:34] <@Woo482> the Tug is in the same orbit as the station and could collide with the station what should I do ?
[20:35] <Arrowstar> I think Astrosammy will delete it...?
[20:35] <@Woo482> I'm trying to be realistic here !!
[20:35] <@TNeo> Deorbit the tug
[20:35] <Arrowstar> lol.  Lin RCS will be fine I suppose.  You said you had no fuel?
[20:35] <@TNeo> Use Aerobrake MFD, try to deorbit it into the pacific away from landmasses/islands
[20:38] <@Woo482> lol I only have 1 percent fuel left
[20:38] <@Woo482> the core's got 96
01[20:40] <Astrosamm> Do a retrograde burn with the tug, that should be enough to keep it away from the station.
[20:40] <@TNeo> Deorbit it!
[20:40] <Arrowstar> Heh.  "Be Kind: deorbit your trash." :P
[20:41] <@TNeo> Yep. XD
01[20:41] <Astrosamm> I don't think that it's possible to deorbit it with 1% of fuel.
[20:41] <@Woo482> Yea it is :)
[20:41] <@Woo482> I've just done it
01[20:41] <Astrosamm> Great!
[20:41] <@TNeo> Meh
[20:41] <@Woo482> and it landed in water 
[20:41] <@Woo482> so no people killed by flying tug's !!!
[20:41] <Arrowstar> Screenies? :D
[20:41] <@TNeo> Lower the perigee
[20:41] <@TNeo> XD
[20:41] <@Woo482> it's in the water so I can't lower it any more :)
[20:42] <@TNeo> Even if it doesn't deorbit immediatly, it would soon from drag in the upper atmosphere
[20:42] <@Woo482> hey it auto deleted when it hit the water !
[20:42] <@TNeo> Yeah
[20:42] <@TNeo> Cool. :D
[20:43] <@Woo482> how do you want me to send the .scn file to you ?
01[20:44] <Astrosamm> Just post the content of the scn file here: [URL]http://orbiter-forum.com/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=37[/URL]
[20:44] <Arrowstar> I believe you post the contents...
[20:44] <Arrowstar> I'd recommend adding code or quote tags around the scn file text, so we can read it easier.
[20:45] <@Woo482> ok it's there
[20:45] <@Woo482> so will we all be doing 1 flight each or are you randomly picking who fly's what ?
01[20:46] <Astrosamm> One flight each, but I use a random number generator to pick the pilot.
[20:48] <@Woo482> ok so we only fly 1 flight for the entire thing ? like no chance of us flying a crew or supply flight up ?
01[20:50] <Astrosamm> I first want to get all pilots flying, but after you'll have the chance.
[20:50] <@Woo482> ok
[20:50] <@Woo482> you might have to remove the vistaboost at the end of the .scn file
03[20:51] * TNeo sets mode: +o Astrosamm
02[20:51] * Arrowstar ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03[20:51] * TSPenguin was kicked by TNeo (No penguins. >_>)
03[20:51] * TSPenguin ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]) has joined #OFSS
06[20:51] * @Astrosamm slaps TNeo around a bit with a large trout
01[20:52] <@Astrosamm> xD
03[20:54] * Arrowstar ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]) has joined #OFSS
[20:55] <Arrowstar> So... screenshots? :)
[20:56] <@Woo482> I haz loads :)
[20:56] <@Woo482> have*
[20:56] <@Woo482> I'll get them up later
[20:57] <Arrowstar> Out of curiosity, what are we hauling up the HL-20s on?  I don't suppose they'd fit on the Mission 2 Vanguard?
[20:58] <@TNeo> HL-20s?
[20:58] <Arrowstar> Rescue craft, apparently.  
[20:58] <Arrowstar> It's on the construction screenshots.
01[21:00] <@Astrosamm> Yes, Rescue crafts. They both fit into the Vanguard.
[21:01] <Arrowstar> Hmm.  They're on OH?
[21:01] <Arrowstar> I'm just wondering if we couldn't use Universal Cargo Dock and sling them on the wing or something :P
[21:09] <@Woo482> so is there any thing else I need to do for that flight ?
01[21:10] <@Astrosamm> No
[21:10] <@Woo482> ok
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Jan 5, 2008
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South Bend, IN, U.S.
Thanks for saving this, astrosammy. Where again is the OFSS chat hosted at? Is it at the orbithangar website's chat server? I'd like to try being online to chat through my mission.

Edit: Nevermind, I seem to have found it.


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Apr 27, 2008
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Mission 3:

03[18:07] * TNeo ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[18:07] <TNeo> Yo
03[18:07] * TNeo changes topic to 'Mission 3, live updates.'
03[18:08] * TNeo changes topic to 'OFSS mission 3, live updates.'
[18:32] <TNeo> Getting accustomed to the hardware
[18:32] <TNeo> HL-20 seems pretty unstable...
[18:37] <TNeo> Wait
[18:37] <TNeo> I am flying an XR5 up for one lousy PMA?
[18:37] <TNeo> WTF?
[18:37] <TNeo> Oh, wait..
[18:37] <TNeo> A PMA and an HL-20?
[18:38] <TNeo> No, never mind.
[18:40] <TNeo> K, seems good.
[18:43] <TNeo> Scn runs fine
[18:43] <TNeo> How does launch in, say, one hour sound?
[18:46] <TNeo> I need to formulate checklists, re-read the mission plan and eat dinner.
01[18:51] <@Astrosammy> Sorry, have been AFK
[18:55] <TNeo> Np
03[18:57] * Astrosammy is now known as Astrosammy_AFK
[18:57] <TNeo> Launch @ 20:00 CAT
[18:57] <TNeo> That'll be 20:00 CEST
[18:59] <TNeo> Checklist is complete.
01[19:08] <@Astrosammy_AFK> Ok
03[19:10] * Astrosammy_AFK is now known as Astrosammy
[19:19] <TNeo> Dinner is eaten.
[19:19] <TNeo> This channel is still sadly empty. :(
03[19:42] * Artlav ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[19:42] <TNeo> Hi Artlav.
[19:44] <Artlav> So, what is it about?
[19:44] <TNeo> An Orbiter Forum Space Station.
[19:44] <TNeo> Constructed by numerous different forum members.
[19:45] <TNeo> I am about to fly mission 3, to install 2 HL-20 escape craft.
03[19:45] * whatu ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[19:45] <TNeo> Hi whatu.
[19:45] <whatu> I joined "Oh for ****s sake" by erros (offs)
[19:45] <Artlav> Hm. So, it picked up eventually?
[19:45] <whatu> xD
[19:45] <TNeo> Artlav: Yeah.
[19:46] <TNeo> LOL whatu.
[19:48] <TNeo> It's OFSS, not OFFS.
[19:48] <whatu> .. dont you say ..
[19:53] <TNeo> T-7 minutes
[19:53] <TNeo> T-6 minutes
[19:56] <whatu> what you launching by the way
[19:56] <TNeo> XR5
[19:56] <whatu> with
[19:56] <TNeo> Oh, what payload?
[19:56] <TNeo> Two HL-20 escape vessels.
[19:57] <TNeo> T-3 minutes.
[19:58] <TNeo> T-2 minutes
[19:58] <TNeo> T-1 minutes
[19:59] <Artlav> Link? (HL-20 on OH or something)?
[19:59] <TNeo> http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=1489)
[19:59] <TNeo> By Sputnik.
[19:59] <TNeo> Very good, a tad unstable during reentry.
[19:59] <TNeo> Starting mission.
03[20:06] * Tex ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[20:06] <Tex> hello all
01[20:07] <@Astrosammy> Hi Tex!
[20:07] <Tex> hi sammy 
[20:09] <TNeo> Hi Tex.
[20:09] <TNeo> We have Liftoff, beginning climb
[20:09] <Tex> is there a way to be in 2 channels at once?
[20:10] <Tex> I'm using mIRC
[20:11] <whatu> sure there is... i dont know it, but sure
[20:11] <Artlav> \join channel name.
[20:11] <TNeo> Mach 1.
[20:12] <Tex> thanks artlav
[20:12] <whatu> then its the ame that here
[20:12] <whatu> same*
[20:14] <TNeo> Mach 2
[20:15] <TNeo> Starting SCRAM ascent.
[20:16] <TNeo> Mach 9.
[20:20] <TNeo> SCRAM ascent nominal
[20:20] <TNeo> But
[20:20] <TNeo> Why does my seat deflate when I'm flying an Xr5?
[20:20] <TNeo> O.o
[20:20] <TNeo> Vel 5km/s
[20:22] <TNeo> SCRAM temp limit, SCRAM shutoff and fuel dump
[20:22] <TNeo> Completing ascent with Mains.
[20:23] <TNeo> SCRAM fuel depleted
[20:25] <whatu> no crash yet?
[20:25] <whatu> :P
02[20:26] * TNeo ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:26] <Artlav> I wonder, how can you crash in late ascent? 
[20:26] <Artlav> Um. He did crash.
01[20:27] <@Astrosammy> Hopefully this was not a BSOD...
03[20:30] * TNeo ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[20:30] <TNeo> K
[20:30] <TNeo> My comp went funny for a bit
[20:30] <TNeo> I have the scn safe
[20:31] <TNeo> It's at times like this that I wish I had an el cheapo laptop that I could IRC from during missions.
[20:33] <TNeo> Burn complete, overburn corrected.
[20:34] <TNeo> Switching to orbital config and coasting to burn 2 point.
[20:34] <whatu> do you play on fullscreen?
[20:34] <TNeo> Nope, windowed mode.
[20:35] <whatu> ok
[20:38] <TNeo> Burn 2 complete, setting up rendezvous.
[20:43] <TNeo> First intercept burn complete, coasting to second burn
[20:43] <TNeo> Parameters nominal.
[20:43] <TNeo> T+ 4 hours, 15 minutes.
[20:44] <TNeo> ****
[20:44] <TNeo> Might help to align planes...
[20:45] <TNeo> Ring 0.01 deg
[20:46] <TNeo> Set to intercept.
[20:51] <TNeo> On orbit of intercept.
[20:51] <TNeo> Dist from Core is 275km
[20:51] <TNeo> T+ 10 hours, 44 minutes.
[20:53] <TNeo> 126km from the Core.
[20:53] <Artlav> Where can i find the ofss scenarios, or anything?
[20:54] <TNeo> 63km from the Core.
[20:55] <TNeo> I can see the station, as a point of light.
[20:55] <Artlav> Nvm, found it.
[20:56] <TNeo> 55km
[20:56] <TNeo> Entering an orbital sunset.
[21:03] <TNeo> Just flew over the cape.
[21:05] <TNeo> Sunrise.
[21:05] <TNeo> Nice dot in the distance.
[21:06] <TNeo> 2km away, can see the station clearly now.
01[21:08] <@Astrosammy> Great!
[21:10] <TNeo> 800m now
[21:10] <TNeo> I'm going to do a flipover.
[21:11] <TNeo> Flipover complete.
[21:15] <TNeo> Astrosammy: Dock 2 on the Core, or on Zoe?
[21:16] <TNeo> Wait, I forgot I'm flying an XR5.
[21:17] <TNeo> Opening docking port, PLB doors.
01[21:18] <@Astrosammy> Dock 2 on the Core
[21:22] <TNeo> K, no, figured it out.
[21:25] <TNeo> 37 meters.
[21:29] <TNeo> 16 meters.
01[21:30] <@Astrosammy> I love slow docking approaches.
[21:32] <TNeo> Yeah. :D
[21:32] <TNeo> 140 CM
[21:33] <TNeo> 80 CM
[21:33] <TNeo> CONTACT!
[21:34] <TNeo> RCS config normal, opening hatches.
[21:35] <TNeo> Now using station O2, hatches open.
[21:36] <TNeo> T+ 13 hours, 30 minutes.
[21:37] <TNeo> I've given the virtual crew 3 hours to do, whatever virtual crews do. >_>
[21:38] <TNeo> Orbital sunrise and beginning of payload deployment.
[21:42] <TNeo> Payload deployment is underway.
[21:42] <TNeo> Overflying S. American atm.
[21:43] <TNeo> HL20-1 has been grappled.
[21:44] <TNeo> Extraction was... bumpy...
[21:45] <TNeo> Payload is clear of the bay.
[21:45] <TNeo> Astrosammy: HL20-1 to PMA-1, or does it not matter?
[21:50] <TNeo> K
[21:51] <TNeo> This RMS workd is getting a tad annoying.
[21:55] <TNeo> *work
[21:55] <TNeo> Argh!
[21:56] <TNeo> This vector becomes that vector
[21:57] <TNeo> I now have two useless vectors yet no useful ones.
[21:57] <Artlav> Hm?
[21:57] <TNeo> Artlav: Trying to move an HL-20 to a PMA.
[21:58] <TNeo> With URMS.
[21:58] <TNeo> It is a 3d puzzle, essentially.
[22:00] <TNeo> Astrosammy, help please...
[22:03] <TNeo> Now, this would be easier if I had a different grip on the craft.
[22:06] <TNeo> I have it, I think.
[22:10] <TNeo> Anyone alive?
01[22:11] <@Astrosammy> Yes
[22:11] <TNeo> Docked.
[22:11] <TNeo> After, I dunno
[22:11] <Tex> very nice
[22:11] <TNeo> 30 minutes?
[22:11] <TNeo> Astrosammy: That was the worst Orbiter experience I've ever had. :P
[22:11] <Tex> :S
[22:12] <TNeo> And now
[22:12] <TNeo> I've got to do it again.
[22:17] <TNeo> K, second HL-20 out of the bay.
[22:18] <TNeo> I'm going to ride out orbital night, and dock it in 45 minutes or so.
[22:18] <TNeo> 45 minutes sim time. :P
[22:19] <TNeo> Right, sunrise.


Addon Developer
Apr 27, 2008
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Mission 3 Part 2:
[22:21] <TNeo> Right, getting to work.
[22:22] <TNeo> Gonna try a slightly different tactic now.
[22:24] <TNeo> K, got it by the nose.
[22:25] <TNeo> Hopefully it won't bite. :P
01[22:25] <@Astrosammy> xD
[22:27] <TNeo> Astrosammy, I've always wondered how the astronauts work the RMS.
[22:28] <TNeo> And I am almost 100% sure, that NASA has brainiacs work out the arm movement stratagies, instead of leaving the poor astronauts to their own devices. :P
01[22:28] <@Astrosammy> Yeah.
[22:28] <TNeo> Perhaps you could do something similar for the next poor guy. :P
[22:30] <TNeo> Hm
[22:31] <TNeo> Not gonna work if I hold it by the nose.
01[22:31] <@Astrosammy> Ok, I'll also try if I can get it.
[22:35] <TNeo> K
[22:35] <TNeo> Makign progress
[22:35] <TNeo> *making
[22:35] <TNeo> My desk fell apart again- the keyboard fell and the space bay broke off
[22:36] <TNeo> Fortunately I was able to pop it back on
[22:36] <TNeo> But the mess
[22:36] <TNeo> Under the keys
[22:36] <TNeo> Is HORRIBLE. :S
01[22:40] <@Astrosammy> Got both docked. I grappled them from above.
[22:40] <TNeo> Uh
[22:51] <TNeo> Docked!
[22:51] <TNeo> Second one is docked.
[22:51] <TNeo> Phew.
01[22:52] <@Astrosammy> Great
[22:52] <TNeo> Gonna get this stupid RMS stowed
[22:52] <TNeo> Perhaps wait out for a few days, maybe schedule a  sort spacewalk.
[22:53] <TNeo> Manipulator is stowed.
[22:53] <TNeo> My that is a pretty sight.
02[22:56] * Artlav ([email protected]) Quit (Quit)
[23:00] <TNeo> I have the sim running at real speed
[23:02] <TNeo> And the Earth is moving by
[23:03] <TNeo> Like on NASA TV
[23:03] <TNeo> In the silence of space
[23:03] <TNeo> It is... beautiful.
[23:03] <TNeo> Spiritual.
[23:04] <TNeo> Now I am closer to knowing what astronauts feel.
[23:04] <TNeo> I have battled with the RMS, and the SCRAMS, and the RCS, and the TPS
[23:04] <TNeo> Now
[23:04] <TNeo> There are no acronyms
[23:04] <TNeo> Just
[23:04] <TNeo> Earth.
01[23:05] <@Astrosammy> BVE (Beautiful View of Earth) xD
[23:05] <TNeo> T+ 19 hours 36 minutes.
[23:05] <TNeo> Yeah. XD
[23:06] <TNeo> It is so wonderful, even in Orbiter.
[23:07] <TNeo> Now coming up on India.
[23:08] <TNeo> With city lights shining like gems in the evening/morning.
01[23:08] <@Astrosammy> Yes it's beautiful, sometimes I just put a shuttle into orbit and watch down,
03[23:08] * Zatnikitelman ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
01[23:08] <@Astrosammy> Hi Zatnikitelman
[23:08] <Zatnikitelman> Howdy!
[23:09] <TNeo> Yo Zat!
[23:09] <Zatnikitelman> Yo!
[23:11] <TNeo> I just crossed over a country of a billion in a few minutes.
[23:11] <Zatnikitelman> :p
[23:11] <Zatnikitelman> That's the advantage of spaceflight!
[23:11] <TNeo> Orbital sunset.
[23:12] <TNeo> One could put this to classical music as a video
[23:12] <TNeo> I'd totally watch it.
[23:12] <Zatnikitelman> I think Orbiter Sound already does! :p
[23:13] <TNeo> XD yeah
[23:13] <TNeo> Forgot that
[23:14] <TNeo> And, as the lifegiving star set below the thick air
[23:14] <TNeo> The station turned blood red over the land of shining gemstones.
[23:16] <TNeo> Little did the people know that their lights and televisions, were a spectacle for a group of people a few hundred kilometers above.
[23:17] <TNeo> After a short segement about the station that was flying above them, the news on the television quickly switched back to the latest bombing overseas or celebrity scandal.
[23:18] <TNeo> Astrosammy
[23:18] <TNeo> The Hl20s are fuelless
[23:18] <TNeo> Should I top 'em up?
[23:18] <TNeo> As well as the station?
01[23:19] <@Astrosammy> Station can be fueled. Hl-20's will be done later.
[23:19] <TNeo> K
[23:19] <TNeo> So, not on this mission?
[23:20] <TNeo> Copy that, the Core has been refueled.
01[23:20] <@Astrosammy> Yes, HL-20 will be done after this mission.
[23:21] <TNeo> K
[23:21] <TNeo> Seeing the rainforests glide below, even in the sim
[23:22] <TNeo> Has far more of an impact on me then any documentary about climate change ever would.
[23:22] <TNeo> Miles upon miles of land covered in diverse life
[23:22] <TNeo> A football field of it lost every second...
03[23:23] * whatu ([email protected]) has left #ofss
[23:23] <TNeo> Hm, I scared him.
01[23:24] <@Astrosammy> Great German TV program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM8hfx307es&videos=sRwh9mOJ2EQ&playnext_from=TL&playnext=1
01[23:24] <@Astrosammy> Always good if I can't sleep.
02[23:39] * Zatnikitelman ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: bbs)
[23:40] <TNeo> K, undocking.
[23:42] <TNeo> T+ 4 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes.
[23:43] <TNeo> Undocked.
[23:59] <TNeo> Deorbit burn completed, T+ 4 days, 20 hour, 46 minutes.
01[00:04] <@Astrosammy> Good luck with reentry and landing!
[00:05] <TNeo> I'm gonna need it...
03[00:06] * Zatnikitelman ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[00:06] <TNeo> Hi Zat.
[00:06] <TNeo> ****
[00:07] <TNeo> RADIATORS
[00:07] <Zatnikitelman> Radiators?
[00:07] <TNeo> Only closed em at 55km up
[00:07] <TNeo> But no burnup.
[00:07] <Zatnikitelman> :P
[00:07] <Zatnikitelman> lucky
[00:07] <Zatnikitelman> So which component did you deliver this time?
[00:08] <TNeo> Two HL-20 escape vessels.
01[00:09] <@Astrosammy> To burn up or not to burn up! xD
[00:09] <TNeo> Yeah. XD
[00:09] <TNeo> Although falling short is more worrying.
[00:10] <TNeo> I have a visual.
03[00:11] * Mafuskas ([email protected]) has joined #ofss
[00:11] <TNeo> Hi Mafuskas.
01[00:11] <@Astrosammy> Hi Mafuskas
[00:11] <Mafuskas> Wheeee
[00:11] <Mafuskas> Hi
[00:11] <TNeo> I'm about to land.
[00:12] <TNeo> Someone tell me the feq for AIA's longest landing runway!
[00:12] <TNeo> *freq
02[00:12] * Mafuskas ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Yes, I used the web based applet >_>)
[00:13] <TNeo> Hm...
01[00:13] <@Astrosammy> 12R/30L     113.30/113.40MHz
[00:14] <TNeo> Yeah, found it.
[00:15] <TNeo> Gonna do this funny s pattern to line up
[00:17] <TNeo> Att hold disengages.
[00:17] <TNeo> *disengaged.
[00:18] <TNeo> K, landing phase.
[00:20] <TNeo> WHEELSTOP!
[00:20] <TNeo> K
[00:20] <TNeo> Now what?
[00:21] <TNeo> Do I taxi to the hangar?
01[00:21] <@Astrosammy> Welcome home, XR-5!
01[00:21] <@Astrosammy> You can taxi to the hangar. But he most important is to post the scenario file.
[00:22] <Zatnikitelman> Another successful OFSS mission!
[00:22] <TNeo> Mission length 4 days, 21 hours, 41 minutes.
[00:22] <TNeo> Yep. :)
01[00:22] <@Astrosammy> Next one will be the first shuttle, with Tex.
[00:22] <TNeo> Shuttle?
[00:22] <TNeo> Doesn't make sense, sorry.
01[00:23] <@Astrosammy> Yes, space shuttle.
[00:23] <Zatnikitelman> Next is the PMA right?
01[00:23] <@Astrosammy> Yes. And a node.
01[00:25] <@Astrosammy> But now I need to go to bed. Great work TNeo.
Session Close: Tue Jun 23 00:26:23 2009


Addon Developer
Apr 27, 2008
Reaction score
Mission 4, All times are CEST.

19:37		Chatraum betreten...
		Sie befinden sich im Raum: »ofss«. Datum: Sonntag 05.07.2009 19:37:56
19:41		-> Arrowstar hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Arrowstar	Cool 
	Arrowstar	Going to run, but I'll be back in time for Tex's mission hopefully. 
	Arrowstar	Thanks
19:42		Arrowstar ändert den Nicknamen in ArrowstarAWAY
20:00		-> Tex hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Tex	t-30 minutes
20:25	Tex	t-5minutes
20:28	Astrosammy	Ok, good luck.
	Astrosammy	I hope I entered the right launch azimuth.
20:29	Tex	I did a test launch, didnt go all the way, but looked right from the start
20:30	Tex	t-30 seconds
	Tex	t-20
	Tex	t-10
	Tex	9
	Tex	8
	Tex	7
	Tex	6
	Tex	5
	Tex	4
	Tex	3
	Tex	2
	Tex	1
	Tex	lift off
20:31	Tex	Alt 6KM everything in the green
	Tex	go at throttle up
20:32	Tex	20KM
	Tex	SRB Sep
20:34	Tex	negative return
20:35	Tex	Press to ATO
	Tex	RInc 0.96
20:36	Tex	half of orbital vel reached
	Tex	single engine ops 3
	Tex	rolling
20:37	Tex	single engine, press 104
20:38		-> Woo482 hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Woo482	launch today ?
	Astrosammy	Yes
	Woo482	ok cool 
	Astrosammy	We are short before MECO
	Tex	Current alt 97km
20:39	Tex	Nominal MECO, external tank jettioned successfully
	Tex	RInc 0.61
20:41	Astrosammy	Nice! That should be OK.
	Tex	ApA=259.6k - PeA=56.11k....coasting around to ApA for a prograde burn
20:42	Tex	Target currently 11.31M away
20:43	Woo482	wow that's better than I can launch lol
20:44		Tex is enjoying the view
20:45	Tex	view enjoyed... time accel x10
	Astrosammy	xD
20:46	Tex	approaching ApA
	Tex	Facing prograde and preparing for the burn
20:47	Tex	Burn in 10
	Tex	9
	Tex	8
20:48	Tex	7
	Tex	6
	Tex	5
	Tex	4
	Tex	3
	Tex	2
	Tex	1
20:49	Tex	Orbital burn complete, PeA=190.8k
20:50	Tex	Preparing for final plane alignment. Time to AN = 600 seconds
20:53		-> TNeo hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Tex	Anti-normal autopilot engaged, firing main engines for the plane alignment
	TNeo	Yo.
	TNeo	Soryy for the late arrival, was cooking dinner.
20:54	TNeo	*sorry
20:55	Tex	130 seconds burn time remaining
20:56	Tex	actually just started the burn
	Tex	RInc 0.30
	Tex	0.20
20:57	TNeo	Were you THAT off plane, Tex? 
	Tex	0.10
	Tex	autopilot
		Woo482 thinks it was the shuttles fault
20:58	Tex	Plane aligned, RInc 0.00
	Woo482	now the fun part ! (docking)
	Tex	Fuel remaining 82.6
20:59	Tex	Next step: Setting an intersect point
	Tex	Cargo Bay Doors OPENING
	Tex	As Atlantis passes in sunrise
21:01	Tex	Passing over the western australia coast
21:05		-> thepunk hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	thepunk	hi
		<- thepunk hat die Verbindung unterbrochen. (Quit: Yes, I used the web based applet >_>)
		-> thepunk hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	thepunk	hi+
21:06	Tex	Orbit alt matched, rendezvous point set
	Tex	hi
	Tex	Rendezvous point set just after sunrise
	Tex	Preparing to syncrozie the orbits
21:09	Tex	Starting DTmin = 859.7
	Tex	Approaching our rendezvous point
21:10	Tex	Burn in 5
	Tex	4
	Tex	3
	Tex	2
	Tex	1
21:11	Tex	Burn stopped with DTmin 439.9
	Tex	PeA currently at 177.2k
21:12	Tex	Coasting around a few times catching OFSS
	Tex	Currently over the S. Atlantic at night
	thepunk	realy off topic: can I do a hohmann transfer with sync mfd?
	Tex	err sunrise
21:13	Tex	other caht room plz
	Tex	chat*
21:15	Tex	Brief break, drink refreshment, back in a few minutes. Coasting at normal speed, still over the South Atlantic
21:17	ArrowstarAWAY	Nice work, Tex!
		ArrowstarAWAY ändert den Nicknamen in Arrowstar
21:22	Tex	Thanks!
	Tex	Atlantis is nearly halfway through her second orbit
21:24	Tex	Speeding time up to catch OFSS
21:25	Tex	Currently 10.89M from OFSS
21:27	thepunk	created a new thread.
	Tex	OFSS 9.9M away
21:29		<- thepunk hat die Verbindung unterbrochen. (Quit: Yes, I used the web based applet >_>)
		-> thepunk hat den Raum ofss betreten.
21:30	thepunk	maybe someone answers
		<- thepunk hat die Verbindung unterbrochen. (Quit: Yes, I used the web based applet >_>)
21:32	Tex	Atlantis currently 8.3M away, preparing for final sync burn
21:33	Tex	Current DTmin 25.50
	Tex	Burn in 5
21:34	Tex	4
	Tex	3
	Tex	2
	Tex	1
		<- Woo482 hat die Verbindung unterbrochen. (Ping timeout)
21:35	Tex	Sync burn complete, DTmin 0.00
	Tex	Distance 8.1M
	Tex	16 Orbits till docking
21:36	Tex	Warp x100
21:42	Tex	9 orbits to go, tweeking DTmin
21:45		-> Woo482 hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Woo482	how's the flight doing ?
21:46	Tex	6 orbits till rendezvous
21:49	Tex	3 orbits to go, currently at 100x
	Tex	Slowing to make final DTmin adjustments on final orbits
21:51	Tex	Atlantis is on her final orbit before rendezvous with OFSS!!
21:52	Woo482	Cool 
21:54	Tex	Moving the shuttle arm to the ready position
21:56	Tex	All set, crossing the west African coastline now
21:57	Tex	Dist to OFSS = 375k
21:58	Arrowstar	Woot!
21:59	Tex	slowly rotating for the rendezvous burn
	Tex	Dist 310k
22:02	Tex	Dist 100k
22:03	Tex	Dist 38k, DTmin 0.01
22:06	Tex	Dist 7k Closure Vel 32m/s
	Tex	Burning Main Engines
22:08	Tex	Shut down. CVEL 7.72, Dist 3k
22:09	Tex	Rotating to face OFSS as the sun is rising and gleaming off her panels
22:10	Tex	Beautiful!
	TNeo	Nice.
	Tex	Translating back
22:11	Tex	Dist 1.4k CVEL 5.42
22:12	Tex	Dist 1.130k CVEL 3.88
22:13	Tex	Total fuel remaining: 63.0
22:14	Tex	Dist 800 CVEL 2.5
22:15	Tex	Dist 500 CVEL 2.0
22:17	Tex	Dist 153, CVEL 0.50
22:19	Tex	CVEL 0, Rotating for ZOE grapple
22:21	Woo482	what mission are we on now ?
	Astrosammy	Misson 4
	Woo482	ok what is mission 5 ?
22:22	Tex	Extending the arm to grapple ZOE
	Astrosammy	Mission 5 will be a supply mission.
22:23	Woo482	ok I thought so
22:25	Tex	Actually got that wrong, extending arm to grapple "Artemis"
	Tex	my mistake
22:30	Tex	Artemis grappled successfully. Positioning the shuttle closer to OFSS
22:33	Tex	Extending Artemis towards Zoe
22:35	TNeo		Astrosammy: Do you have a pilot for the supply mission?

22:36	Astrosammy	Still have to assign one.
	Woo482	what craft is it using ?
22:37		TNeo waves his hand, desperate to be selected.
	TNeo	:P#
	Astrosammy	That depends on the pilot's skill. Progress, ATV, DeltagliderIV or Shuttle
	TNeo	DGIV, I can do.
22:38	TNeo	ATV ****s up on ascent for me, for some reason.
	Astrosammy	We have 30 pilots, so I'd prefer to take someone who didn't fly a mission before.
22:39	Woo482	lol I dident fly I just randomly pressed the AP button untill it worked
	TNeo	Oh, okay.
		TNeo trudges away depressed and lonely.
22:40	TNeo	XP
22:42	Tex	Artemis docked to Zoe successfully
	Tex	Moving arm to grapple PMA
22:45		Arrowstar waves for the next supply mission 
22:50	Tex	PMA Docked to Artemis successfully
22:51	Tex	Stowing the arm and preparing for the first shuttle docking to OFSS
22:57	Tex	Atlantis has docked with OFSS successfully!
22:58	Tex	screen shots captured
22:59	TNeo	We copy and confirm, over.
	TNeo	Congratulations, Tex.
23:00	Arrowstar	Yay, nice work Tex!
23:01	Astrosammy	Beautiful work!
	Tex	thanks guys!
23:02	Tex	Am pretty tired now, so Im just gonna go ahead and reenter
23:03	Tex	Undocking confirmed
	Tex	Preparing for base sync burn
23:05	Tex	Moving arm inside cargo bay, stowing radio antenna
23:06	Tex	Cargo bay doors CLOSING
23:08	Tex	Base sync burn in progess
23:09	Tex	2 orbits to go, speeding time up
23:10	Tex	Reentry burn in progress
23:13	Tex	Burn complete. Final PeA=60.14k
	Tex	Total fuel remaining 51.5
23:14	Tex	Alt 287km
23:15	Tex	Currently 19M from Cape Canaveral
23:16	Arrowstar	Is a fuel dump to 31.9% (or whatever it happens to be) on the agenda?
	Tex	Can you dump fuel in Shuttle Fleet?
	Arrowstar	I think so... ctrl-A?
23:17	Tex	ah its burning my thrusters, no go
	Arrowstar	It burns the rear RCS quads in all directions, yeah.
	Arrowstar	That's how they 'dump' fuel, I guess 
	Tex	yea, too late I think
	Arrowstar	Ah
23:18	Tex	by the time I enter I'll lose mroe
	Tex	more*
	Arrowstar	Is it effecting trajectory or stability?
	Tex	not much
23:19	Tex	dumping some fuel now, will compensate after
	Arrowstar	Okay-dokie... sorry about that, it's been a while since I've used Shuttle Fleet.
	Tex	fuel now 37.7
23:21	Tex	sped time up, currently at 124km, preparing for entry
23:23	Tex	94KM
	Arrowstar	Go Tex go! (and don't forget the screenies! :D)
23:30	Tex	Looking good so far, still in the upper atmosphere 65KM
	Tex	3.6M from KSC
23:31	Tex	Approaching the western coast of Mexico
23:33	Tex	Performing S-turns
23:34	Arrowstar	Tex, are you flying this by hand or is this an AutoFCS re-entry?
23:35	Tex	by hand just using the map and surface mfd
	Arrowstar	Sick 
	Tex	thats the fun part xD
	Arrowstar	Totally 
23:36	Tex	almost over Mexico, Alt 57KM, Speed 6402m/s
23:40	Tex	looks like a sunset landing
	Arrowstar	I'm sure it'll be beautiful
23:42	TNeo	Nice.
23:43	Tex	Entry phase complete, lining up for landing at KSC
23:44	Arrowstar	Woot
	Tex	Clear to lang
	Tex	9,000
23:45	Tex	Gear down
	Tex	Touch down
	Tex	Chute deployed
23:46	Woo482	yay !
	Arrowstar	Nice work! 
	Woo482	now time for me to go play some orbiter 
	TNeo	Nice. 
23:47	Tex	Wheels stop
	Astrosammy	Succesful mission! Great work! Welcome home, Atlantis!
23:48	Arrowstar	 

23:49		<- Woo482 hat die Verbindung unterbrochen. (Quit: Yes, I used the web based applet >_>)
		-> Woo482 hat den Raum ofss betreten.
	Tex	Thanks guys
	Tex	I'll send you the scenario
	Woo482	since I havent said it yet, Good Job with the flight  !
	Tex	Cheers
23:50	Woo482	you'r better than me lol normaly I just end up crashing 
23:51	Tex	I almost over shot, but managed to enter without burning up. Had to do some tight turns on final to slow down
23:53	Woo482	dident you use aerobreak MFD or any thing ? that normaly stops me from overshooting the base


Addon Developer
Addon Developer
Jan 13, 2008
Reaction score
Atlanta, GA, USA, North America
Here's Mission 7's coverage!
17:59    Zatman    Scenario is live
18:00    Zatman    Game time to launch T-1914 seconds
18:00    Zatman    Sim time*
18:01    Woo482    doing it in real time ?
18:01    Zatman    No, I'll timewarp in just a second here
18:02    Zatman    Jumping to T-350 time to cross, engage launch sequence at T-277s launch time at T-266s
18:03    Zatman    T-40s
18:03    Zatman    T-20s
18:04    Zatman    Initiating Launch Sequence at T-10
18:04    Zatman    Main engine start
18:04    Zatman    Liftoff!
18:04    Zatman    Roll Program
18:04    Woo482    Cool :) (lol I'm the only other person in here)
18:05    Zatman    Throttle back
18:05    Zatman    Go at throttle up
18:05    Zatman    Max-Q
18:06    Zatman    SRB Sep
18:06    Zatman    Good SRB separation
18:06    Zatman    2 engine Zaragosa
18:08    Zatman    Negative Return
18:08    Zatman    Press to ATO
18:09    Zatman    Single engine OPS3
18:10    Zatman    Now at T+6:00
18:10    Zatman    Estimated Time of MECO T+8:19
18:10    Zatman    Roll to heads up
18:10    Zatman    Press to MECO, single engine Zaragosa 104
18:11    Zatman    Single Engine Press 104
18:12    Zatman    MECO!
18:13    Zatman    ET Sep
18:13    Zatman    OMS-1 not required
18:13    Woo482    Cool :) ETA for OMS-2 ?
18:13    Zatman    Approx 1750 seconds
18:13    Woo482    ok
18:13    Zatman    28.8 minutes SIm-time
18:14    Zatman    Closing Tank Access doors
18:14    Zatman    Engaging 10x timewarp
18:15        *** Gary joined #ofss7
18:15    Gary    Yes, you have a room for it
18:15        *** Gary left #ofss7
18:17    Zatman    Passing into shadow
18:17        *** ShadowAddict joined #ofss7
18:17    ShadowAddict    yo
18:17    Woo482    ok
18:17    Zatman    Dropping to 1x and engaging LVLH attitude hold
18:18    Woo482    how close to OFSS core ?
18:19    Zatman    Engaging OMS-2 burn, 50m/s prograde
18:20    Zatman    30 seconds till burn completion
18:20    Zatman    15 seconds
18:20    Zatman    5 seconds
18:21    Zatman    3
18:21    Zatman    2
18:21    Zatman    1
18:21    Zatman    Shutdown!
18:21    ShadowAddict    is that deorbit?
18:22    Zatman    no...
18:22        Woo482 facepalms
18:22    ShadowAddict    oh
18:22    ShadowAddict    >_>
18:22    Zatman    Standing by for .38 degree plane alignment burn in approximately 380 seconds
18:22    ShadowAddict    of course I knew that
18:22    Zatman    480*
18:22    Zatman    Go for opening payload bay doors
18:23    ShadowAddict    oh I feel rather dumb
18:23    ShadowAddict    [17:18] <Woo482> how close to OFSS core ?
18:23    ShadowAddict    somehow missed tha
18:23    ShadowAddict    t
18:23    Zatman    Don't know yet
18:25    Zatman    Beginning plane alignment burn
18:27    Zatman    Shutdown
18:27    Zatman    Current rinc: 0.01 degrees
18:27    Zatman    Engaging gravity-stabilized free-drift and extending radiators
18:29    Zatman    Radiators extended, extending Ku-Band antenna
18:29    Zatman    Ku-Band antenna extended, rolling out RMS
18:31    Zatman    Currently in chase-orbit approximately 175km below target orbit
18:32    Zatman    Changine to RMS-1 to temporarily re-locate PMA-1 for Discovery docking
18:36    Zatman    PMA-1 now grappled by RMS-1 on the station
18:36    Woo482    cool
18:38    Zatman    Yea, stupid me....PMA-1 was still "docked" to the Core so it snapped back on un-grapple
18:40    Woo482    atleast I'm not the only person who did that
18:41    Zatman    PMA-1 now docked to forward port of Zoe
18:42    Zatman    Enging timewarp to catch up to PMA-1
18:43    Zatman    179 degrees and counting
18:44    Zatman    160 degrees
18:45    Zatman    100 degrees
18:45    Zatman    Correction, 130
18:47    Zatman    Now at 100 degrees, MET: 10:00
18:53    Zatman    30 degrees
18:53    Zatman    Estimated second plane alignment burn at 15 degrees
18:57    Zatman    Engaging anti-normal Attitude hold for plane alignment burn
18:57    Zatman    Rinc: .25
18:58    Zatman    Engaging plane alignment burn
18:59    Zatman    Plane alignment burn complete
19:00    Zatman    17.5 degrees to go
19:00        *** Bradfirj9 joined #ofss7
19:01    Bradfirj9    How goes it?
19:01    Zatman    Pretty good, about to perform first transfer burn
19:01    Bradfirj9    Current stats?
19:02    Zatman    MET: 20:00, 216x235.4km orbit 4.31 degrees from first transfer burn
19:02    Zatman    Aren't they called NC or something like NC-1, NC-2 etc?
19:03    Bradfirj9    :)
19:03    Bradfirj9    No clue
19:03    Zatman    Holding LVLH
19:04    Zatman    Well, I'll call them NC-1 just because I like the ring of it :P
19:04    Bradfirj9    You going to use attitude mfd for burn?
19:04    Zatman    Yes
19:04    Bradfirj9    Silly funny angle oms
19:05    Bradfirj9    :P
19:05    Zatman    Beginning burn
19:07    Zatman    Burn complete
19:07    Bradfirj9    Achieved desired profile?
19:07    Zatman    Orbit now215.5x423.3km at MET:20:13
19:07    Bradfirj9    Nice
19:08    Bradfirj9    Now you get to coast
19:08    Zatman    72.8% fuel
19:08    Zatman    Coasting to Intersection 1
19:08    Bradfirj9    I wish someone would make a vertical launch assembly for the Xr5. Cos tailsitters are cool.
19:09    Zatman    Preparing for NC-2 circulization burn
19:10    Zatman    orbit now near-circular at 412.3x428.3km
19:11    Bradfirj9    I'd stay with you but I'm very tired and I have work tomorrow.
19:12    Zatman    Lol, that's ok. Good NIght!
19:12    Bradfirj9    Good luck. Take many screenies
19:12        *** Bradfirj9 is now known as Brad[afk]
19:13    Zatman    one orbit to go till NC-3 null-velocity burn
19:13    Zatman    Distance to station: 29km
19:16    Zatman    I think we'll forgo the velocity-match burn and go straight to the rendezvous burn
19:19        *** ShadowAddict quit (Ping timeout)
19:19    Zatman    Zoe module how holding the station Retrograde
19:19    Zatman    NC-4 burn complete
19:21    Zatman    Now 5.7km from station
19:21        *** ShadowAddict joined #ofss7
19:23    Zatman    Coming up on the Western Mexican Coast 2.9km from station 59% fuel
19:24    Zatman    Beginning velocity null burn
19:26    Zatman    Now 140 meters r-bar of station
19:28    Zatman    Now over KSC!
19:29    Zatman    Beginning RPM
19:30    Zatman    RPM Complete
19:32    Zatman    Moving to v-bar
19:37    Zatman    v-bar positioning complete, closing on PMA-1
19:37    Zatman    CVEL: 0.1m/s
19:37    Zatman    113 meters to go
19:39        *** Tex joined #ofss7
19:39    Tex    evening all
19:39    Zatman    102 meters to go CVEL: 0.1m/s
19:40    Zatman    Time to sunset: 12 minutes
19:40    Tex    Do youy play with gravity gradient torque on Zatman?
19:41    Zatman    Yes, always :P
19:41    Tex    cool
19:42    Zatman    But I've got Zoe holding retrograde, and Attitude MFD holding me +90 relative to the velocity vector, so all I have to worry with is Translation
19:44    Zatman    69 meters
19:48    Woo482    how's it going ?
19:48    Zatman    Good
19:49    Zatman    44 meters 0.1 m/s
19:49    Woo482    Hi Tex
19:49    Tex    hey woo
19:49    Zatman    3 minutes to sunset
19:51    Zatman    1 minute to sunset
19:52    Zatman    Sunset!
19:53    Woo482    Also Tex I think the OFSS core needs a bit more fuel for the RCS
19:55    Zatman    5.5 meters
19:55    Zatman    slowing to 0.5m/s
19:56    Zatman    2 meters
19:57    Zatman    1.5 meters, slowing to 0.01/me
19:57    Zatman    And the previous speed was 0.05 m/s, not 0.5
19:58    Zatman    CAPTURE!
19:58    Woo482    yay !
19:58    Zatman    Hard Dock!
19:58        Woo482 notes orbiter only supports hard dock
19:58    Zatman    Discovery is now docked to PMA-1 of the OFSS
19:59    Zatman    MET: 1 day 31 minutes
19:59    Zatman    Orbit: 415.1x396.6km
20:00    Zatman    Time to sunrise and Nebulus unberthing operations: 27 minutes
20:00    Woo482    1 day ? wow it takes me over a week with the shuttle...
20:01    Zatman    Heh, it used to take me a while, but I practiced all this week :P
20:03    Zatman    Zoe now rotating the stack to Orbit Anti-Normal to place Discovery's heat shield out of the velocity vector and minimize any potential damage.
20:07    Zatman    7 minutes to sunrise
20:08    Zatman    Sunrise!
20:09    Zatman    RMS-1 now moving to grab Nebulus
20:11    Zatman    RMS-1 now has Nebulus, moving to place Nebulus at the end of Core module
20:15    Zatman    Nebulus now berthed to Core
20:18    Zatman    Interesting, current orbit takes the station right over KSC
20:27    Zatman    I think I'll grab an HL-20 and "investigate" the new module, maybe get a good photo op.
20:29    Zatman    HL20-1 now undocked
20:36    Zatman    Inspection complete, HL20-1 will now begin making its way back to the core dock
20:37    ShadowAddict    get any good pics?
20:37    Zatman    tons
20:38    Zatman    Of everything
20:38    Zatman    No really unique angles from the HL-20 though
20:47    Zatman    HL20-1 re-docked


Addon Developer
Addon Developer
Jan 13, 2008
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Atlanta, GA, USA, North America
Mission 7 part2:
20:48    Zatman    Ok, time to head home, I'll warp ahead a few days before departing though
20:54    Zatman    Ok, at MET 2 days 19:34 Zoe is being commanded to move the stack into a prograde formation which puts the orbiter retrograde allowing Discovery to enter an already lower-orbit
20:54    Zatman    RMS is being stowed prior to departure
20:55        *** Woo482 quit (Ping timeout)
20:55    Zatman    Undocking in 3
20:55    Zatman    2
20:55    Zatman    1
20:55    Zatman    Undocking Confirmed
20:56    Zatman    MET 2/19:38:25
20:56    Zatman    Two orbits to de-orbit burn
20:57    Zatman    Discovery thrusting away at 1 m/s
21:00        *** n122vu joined #ofss7
21:03    Zatman    Landing will be on KSC RWY 33 in approximately 90 minutes
21:05    Zatman    Now Stowing Ku-Band antenna and radiators in preparation for de-orbit burn
21:07    Zatman    Rolling RMS in
21:08    Zatman    Um, Houston we have a problem...
21:09    Zatman    Failure of Primary Automatic Flight Control System, will have to quickly reload from saved scenario
21:11    Zatman    Reloaded, de-orbit burn in progress 153 seconds to go
21:12    Zatman    75 seconds
21:14    Zatman    Burn complete
21:14    Zatman    Pitching to Entry Interface
21:18    Zatman    Entry Interface
21:24    Zatman    Crossing Mexican West Coast
21:28    Zatman    Into the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans in Sight (no hurricanes at present)
21:29    ShadowAddict    New Orelans? that's where I live! :D
21:29        *** n122vu quit (Quit)
21:30    Zatman    Got Plasma?
21:31    Zatman    Florida Gulf Coast in sight
21:33    Zatman    Cape in sight!
21:35    Zatman    KSC in sight
21:35    Zatman    Crossing north of Tamp 32km up, at Mach 4
21:36    Zatman    Coming over Orlando 28km up, Mach 2.85
21:39    Zatman    Subsonic!
21:39    Zatman    Deploying Air Data Probes
21:40    Zatman    Crossing Merit Island 12km altitude, Mach 0.8
21:41    Zatman    Entering HAC
21:42    Zatman    180 degrees to go
21:43    Zatman    90 degrees to go
21:43    Zatman    Gear Armed
21:43    Zatman    10,000 ft
21:44    Zatman    5,000 ft
21:44    Zatman    Flare
21:45    Zatman    Gear Dow
21:45    Zatman    Main Gear touchdown!
21:45    Zatman    Nose Gear touchdown!
21:45    Zatman    And wheelstop!
21:45    ShadowAddict    yay!
21:46    Zatman    Discovery is welcomed home after a mission of two days, twenty two hours, thirteen minutes expanding the OFSS
21:46    Zatman    Mission 7 is complete!