My experience with the "Award winning" Freeware YSFlight Part 1


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May 26, 2009
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Welcome to a Seb game review!

Since this post contains lots of images, it'll spread over two blogs.

Today I will be reviewing "YSFlight"

After hearing much speculation about this supposedly great flight simulator and being declared "better than orbiter or fsx" I decided to download this game and give it a try.

Boy was I not disappointed.

So I navigated across the amazingly well designed website and downloaded the 10MB file and and battled my way past the horrible installer and started the game.

Fair enough, lets continue.

Great, i've only just installed the game and it's already installing unwanted software and spyware. Moving on...

I'm greeted by some kind of wannabe superhero movie. I can't begin to decode what's going on here, but one can only assume that the floating joystick is on the FBI's most wanted list and is in the process of crumpling a plane with it's Xmen forces.

Some giant grey hand is trying to catch planes or something. Check out the reflections on the plane at the front, truly next-gen. Still don't know what's going on.

Wow it ACTUALLY looks like a plane! The graphics got better! Oh wait, it's a tiled image.

Ok plane choosing time. Let's go for the coolest sounding plane.

I settled for a plane called the RAFALE. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a royally endorsed ale, but it's red so it'll do.

Ok, let's choose somewhere where we can marvel at the beautifully generated sunset.

Hawaii! Got to be pretty!

Continued with Part2 HERE


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Oct 16, 2007
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Yes it is no Orbiter or FSX, but it is quick easy and fun.

There can be a bit of pain to work some things out but that is part of the character behind the game.

I like it alot. Well worth the 10Mb(not 60Mb for Orbiter or 1000'sMb for FSX) download