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Project-Outposts: Wet Workshops 2012-04-09


Welcome to Project-Outposts: Wet Workshops
This is this first in a new series of add-ons for Orbiter that focus on building wet workshops style space stations in orbit from various modules. It provides a modified Atlantis Space Shuttle which can be flown into orbit and take its external tank (ET) with it. Once in a stable orbit you can deploy the ET and assemble various components to it over a number of scenarios. This add-on is built for Orbiter 2010-P1. I shall be releasing versions of this add-on for Orbiter 2010 soon.
The pack provides a collection of beautifully detailed models, 14 space station modules and 7 scenic components:
    x1 Cupola
    x1 Quest Airlock
    x4 Habitation External Tanks
    x4 Bridging Modules
    x2 Condutit Modules
    x2 PMAs
    x1 Solar Array
    x1 High Gain Antenna
    x1 COMs Antenna
    x1 Power Data Grapple Fixture (PDGF)
    x1 O2/N2 Tank
    x1 Solar Array shuttle cradle
    x1 Quest airlock shuttle cradle
All Modules support virtual cockpits which you can move freely about, look through windows and take in some amazing sights. Control docking and attachment functions, manipulate solar arrays, open and close window shutters, perform EVAs from airlock modules and more!
All modules and components support atmospheric burn-up and break up, yes you can dispose of damaged or old hardware in orbit and put it on and trajectory so it burns up in the atmosphere. All modules and components glow when buring up too!
This is the first add-on pack in the series and it brings to you a wide range of game play where you can design and construct your very own space stations.
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