Crew Dragon 2022

Crew Dragon 2022 230713

Includes fix for MFD-to-Vessel Ctrl+ keypress (Trunk Jettison and Cabin Lighting).

Vessel mass and propellant increased to more realistic values:
Capsule 7200kg, Trunk 2100kg, propellant 2561kg
Aerodynamics adjusted
New RCS exhaust visuals by @francisdrake (with .cfg file option to scale larger/smaller)
Key press changes:
Ctrl+U = Jettison Trunk
N / Ctrl+N = Toggle "Glass Cockpit" view forward/back
Ctrl+Space = Show/Hide "Glass Cockpit" HUD commands list

Scenario folder name typo fixed, now "Crew Dragon 2022"

CrewDragonMFD - changes to attitude control and reentry algorithm, etc.
Add-on renamed from "Crew Dragon DM2" to "Crew Dragon 2022"
Scenarios in "Crew Dragon 2022" folder, documentation in Doc/Crew Dragon 2022 folder.
Added scenarios for Pad Abort, Falcon Heavy launch, DM1, Inspiration4.
Includes Inspiration4 variant with viewing cupola.
Update v.220611
Now includes CrewDragonMFD with deorbit and reentry autopilots etc.