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  • Hello Brian.
    I would like to learn for the Orbiter Simulator, more specifically rockets and spaceships, to write and compile dlls similar to yours.
    I have known for years that you are good at this, can you recommend me some sources from which you learned?
    Maybe you have written some tutorials on this topic yourself. ?
    Best Regards.
    Hello BrianJ

    Thanks again for your help. :cheers:
    I just sent you an email, so you will have my address.

    I wish you a happy Christmas.


    After thinking from me ...

    I wonder if the easiest for me that would not be quite simply to ask you as I had done for the tower of ELA4 to make me a dll.
    It was papyref who advised me to ask you, what I had done.

    I remember giving you the coordinates, angles and axes of rotation as well as the numbers of groups to animate, and you made me the necessary dll.
    And it works very well.
    What do you think ?
    If you need me to make another launch tower like ELA4 - of course, I will be happy to help :)
    If you send me the mesh, .scn and .ini files (the same as we did for ELA4) I can do it.

    But I will also try to find a way to help you start to compile your own .dll - it will give you access to many more functions than spacecraft3.dll etc., and I think you will enjoy the extra freedom.
    I am NOT a computer professional - my only skill is making .dll for Orbiter
    Configuring the MS VS 2010 (or 2017) is the most difficult step, I think.
    When it is configured correctly I don't change it - I just add in a new .cpp file for each project (and maybe add Orbitersound.lib if required).
    PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]
    then we can communicate more easily.

    I will try and think of an easy way to get you started compiling .dll using MS VS 2010, and send you some infos/images etc.

    Best wishes and have a good holiday!
    Hi again BrianJ

    I can uninstall MS visual studio 2010 (I never used it) and install MS Visual C ++ 2010 (vcredist_x64) which I have somewere in one of my backup drives...
    But I think you're right: I'll ask on the forum if I can't configure it.

    Thank you for your quick reply. :salute:
    See you soon here... I still might need you... :unsure:

    There is no urgency, the Christmas holidays being close, I will not be able to start until in January.

    While waiting for your answer, I wish you happy holidays.

    Jacques (alias "Jacquesmomo") ...
    Hi Jacques,
    It is nice to hear from you :)
    I am still using MS Visual Studio 2010 - so I'm not sure if I will be the best person to ask.
    Also - I can never remember how to configure MS Visual Studio 2010 ! ( i have some notes somewhere, I will look for them)
    You might get more help for MS Visual Studio 2017 if you start a thread on the forum.

    But - I think the best method is to try to compile the simplest .dll - ShuttlePB in the orbitersdk/samples/ folder.
    It will probably ask you if you want to convert to MS VS 2017 format - say yes.
    Then you will need to link the appropriate files from the orbitersdk/lib folder etc.
    I can try to help you with that, but maybe someone who uses MS VS 2017 can give you better answers.
    Probably best way to do it is to start a thread here on the forum.

    I wish you Happy Holidays!
    My request :
    I have "microsoft visual studio 2017 community" installed on my computer.
    Could you help me to configure it correctly so that by putting a ccp file (like the one you sent me) I can make a working dll ?
    Then I will manage (by changing some values for example) to understand how it works
    Hello Brian

    I think you remember me: I asked you to give me a dll for the ariane 6 launch tower in Kourou.
    And I thank you again.

    Dansteph (which unfortunately disappeared from the forum without my knowing why) ... had proposed to me lessons to start learning C ++ in order to be able to make basic DLLs.
    As I cannot contact him (I have his email address, but he does not answer!) I would like to ask you a favor
    Hi Brian. I would love to take a look at your HDD, but I assume that you live in the US?
    If that's the case, it would be too expansive I guess, but if have a change to get it to The Netherlands, please let me know :cheers:
    Hello BrianJ, I apologize if I'm resulting irritating or onerous, but I have a question: I'm repairing an old addon of Alex, the Minotaur I ELV (you can see the early results in my profile photo and you can try the early beta in the post named Minotaur I can't see the rocket, if you want) I want to know if you contacted Alex for access of editing his addon (the H-IIA for the Hayabusa 2) freely.
    Hello BrianJ, when I played the Halley Armada series (great addons) I thinked there's a 'honorary member' of the Halley Armada that faults. This member is the ISEE-3/ICE (International Cometary Explorer) Why do you don't make this addon?
    Hi Brain, after trying out your great Falcon 9R addon I'd be very interesting to know what mathematics you used for calculating the required delta-v to get the first stage near its target upon re-entry. Did you use any differential equations or was it more a "back-of-the-envelope" type of calculation?
    Hello! I sent you an e-mail some days ago. I don't want to sound inpatient, I just wanted to notify you on it as I understand it's not checked that often.
    Hello again BrianJ, I'm creating animations! I create the Mars Global Surveyor HGA deployment, but I can't make the Solar Panel deployment. You have a trick or a hint for me?
    I make the complete JUNO model, but I have one problem:
    Animations in the Solar Panels, how can I create animations in INI files?
    BrianJ, I tried to use the MAX2MSH but the mesh file just had one word: MSHX1
    And say during the process of export : Unknow property: "opacity", and there's nothing I can do. Can you help me?
    I wanna your help, can you made an Atlas Centaur rocket in High-res? I wanna put this with my Mariner 9 because the default mesh of the Atlas-centaur has not a texture...
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