Crew Dragon 2022

Crew Dragon 2022 230713


This replaces the "Crew Dragon DM2" add-on.

The SpaceX "Crew Dragon" capsule and scenarios for the DM1 and DM2 missions to the ISS. Pad Abort test and fictional FalconHeavy launch.

Also includes "Inspiration4" variant with viewing cupola, scenarios etc.

VC control panel with 7 MFDs, optional crew member models, cabin lighting, extendable docking assembly, abort function, recovery vessel "GoSearcher", etc. Scenarios in "Crew Dragon 2022" folder.

Installation and operation notes in /Doc/Crew Dragon 2022 folder. Compatible with D3D9 Graphics Client and Orbitersound.

Includes CrewDragonMFD with deorbit and reentry autopilots, spacecraft controls, etc.

Launch scenario requires "Falcon9 for Orbiter2016" add-on:

Recommended: D3D9 Graphics Client

Crew Dragon 2022 add-on for Orbiter2016 by:
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  1. 2016
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Latest updates

  1. 230713

    Includes fix for MFD-to-Vessel Ctrl+ keypress (Trunk Jettison and Cabin Lighting).
  2. Update v.230210

    v.230210 Vessel mass and propellant increased to more realistic values: Capsule 7200kg, Trunk...
  3. Crew Dragon 2022 v.221126

    Add-on renamed from "Crew Dragon DM2" to "Crew Dragon 2022" Scenarios in "Crew Dragon 2022"...

Latest reviews

Brian, I Absolutely Love your mods! Thank you so much for making them! I have all your SpaceX mods (Dragon, Falcon, Starship, etc.) your mods make Orbiter so much better! Keep up the Great work!
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Best mod, ps from last update, docking light is no longer working
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I liked this mod, the best, you could make one but of the dragon 2 version of cargo
Upvote 1
The best mod
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Stylish & exciting. The best today.
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Excellent 3D model of exterior and cockpit! Feature-rich functions and animations, like nose-cone opening, docking ring extension and a reentry autopilot to bring you home at the end of the mission.
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Best looking addon
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