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  1. My car display

    My car display

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    Internet Video Thread

    And see what I did this summer... The Tyrrell was chosen by my son, he really wanted to build this.
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    Project XB-70 Valkyrie Development Thread

    Well, even with the command line version, its pretty easy to learn the dozen most common command lines you need for getting your work done. Of course, if you come into things like rebasing out-of-sync branches...
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    Project XB-70 Valkyrie Development Thread

    For example, is the easiest solution.
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    Updates NASA OSIRIS-REx New Frontiers Mission Updates

    I can see them and my former account is burned since it became X.
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    Discussion Could we build realistic-air-dynamics with FLZ-Vortex into Orbiter?

    In SSU is also a more complicated version of that, using external data files.
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    Discussion Could we build realistic-air-dynamics with FLZ-Vortex into Orbiter?

    Well, not to spoil your fun, but let me just say one word: Space. And space is big.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    From 30000 meters. every car is just a color....
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Yes, but doing so on the CPU simply is wasteful. a GPU variant would work faster and better, but that went beyond the Orbiter API.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I once wrote a module, that experimented with making a city out of multiple buildings at different LODs allowing to fly smoothly over a pretty complex city made of about 2000 buildings. With some optimizations, maybe 10000 would have worked. The main problem was telling, in which LOD category...
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    Re-Entry Heating and G's math (Help I never went to college)

    Actually, its 155 MJ (just check the orders of magnitude) and if that energy would not dissipate different, the poor astronaut would heat up by 234 K. Enough to bake a good Pizza Astronaut. Luckily, that does not happen, but I would expect a peak temperature difference of ~100K, since most of...
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    New Airfoil Model

    Could you maybe include asymmetric wind effects or ground effect into the core? Its pretty hard to even get this halfway right and especially large delta wing aircraft like we often have in Orbiter, are very suspectible to it.
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    What music are you listening to?

    Of that is really sad news, he was a real institution. I encountered him as many artists, late at night in German TV, when they showed the concert for Monserrat. Volcano was really irresistable, luckily Youtube had the exact SHOW I saw in store:
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Well, I can understand, that Musk wants to do everything with X. From selling and paying cars to broadcasts. Just bad, that he first of all had to destroy Twitter, before he can build X upon it. He is really the best CEO that Mastodon doesn't have. At least the scientific Twitter has now...