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  • Its not occupancy status, its "Type". You can check if two attachments are compatible that way, by comparing their type strings.

    The true big difference between attachments and docking ports is in their behavior in Orbiter: Attached child vehicles have no effective mass, no thrust. Docked vehicles have. If you dock a vessel to an tug stage for example, the vessel will offset CoG, its thrusters can still move the tug and the tug will have to push the mass of the vessel. If you attach it, the tug will only look different, but the flight dynamics of the tug did not change that way.
    Can you be a bit more specific there? Without a better picture of what you have in mind, I would say igel or BEEP, because both did pretty nice things with attachments.
    Ok, hopefully I can get it by the end of the year. For testing, Im going to use the last mesh that you sent me.
    still working 12-16 hours a day, and they are keeping me busy learning in a classroom environment, so I can't even get to my development drive in the slow part of class. It looks like another two weeks to a month before I can get to it.

    This is so unusual for what I do I can't explain it, but under normal circumstances I have about 4-6 hours of an 8 hour day to waste at work. I use that time to develop meshes. Then I go home and play for another 2-3 hours. But right now all I do is work and sleep, no time for anything else, thank god this will be over soon and I can get back to some form of normal.
    No I have to import, if it has textures it will import, then I manipulate the mesh inside 3DS MAX. Then I export to .msh, add the texture paths and viola, if it works. I've never added the texture paths, this is the great experiment. It's also one of two add-ons I'm making meshes for. I had hoped someone with more experience would have helped us.
    Yes, It's how I do it. Trouble is we still have to export the max drawing to msh. Then add the textures paths to the bottom of the file manually. I've never done that, but I suppose I could try.
    Does the software your using allow you to texture a mesh?It seems we'll have to do that.
    Yeah, the file is from 4 days ago, which make the E-Mail files I sent you newer. But use the file date and follow-up with the one you want to use.

    I'm working on Gateway Station today, getting the Sorties database and some assembly processe up to speed for my degree. Over 100 sorties, and I only have 20 done, so it will be all day and then some.
    This is older than the one you already have. It needs work but should have the textures and sources for them.
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