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    News Eddie van Halen died at 65

    ☹ Another sad loss for rock'n'roll.
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    OHM SpaceX Mission Package (2016-present)

    Hi Kyle, thanks for the Starlink scenario, sorry to preempt you on Saocom1B! ;-) I had to see if I could get a rough idea of how the new polar launch profile works. Yep, will be a treat if both Falcon9's go tomorrow :) Cheers, Brian
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    New Release Saocom 1B

    Updated on OH: version 200829 Removed SEQUOIA (now scheduled for Electron launcher) Changed initial Falcon9 target inclination to -70.00deg for 160deg launch azimuth (as implied by reports on the interweb). Changed fairing recovery vessel position accordingly (close to reported pos). Plane...
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    New Release Saocom 1B

    SAOCOM 1B The Saocom1B satellite, and the two rideshare small sats Gnomes1 and Sequoia(generic meshes). Launch scenario for 30th Aug 2020. Rare Polar orbit launch from Cape Canaveral. Manual steering adjustment...
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    Question Launch trajectory, Tianwen-1 Chinese Mars Mission

    Hi Rodion :) JPL Horizons has a "provisional" trajectory (although with disclaimer regarding accuracy). It might be some help. Cheers, Brian
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    Search ANY one has the file "Baikonour, LC1-pad5 for Soyuz v1.0? BADLY NEEDED!!

    Hi James, I have "", I'm not sure what version of Orbiter this is for, the .zip is dated 14 Aug 2016 but that might be when I last downloaded it. The .dll modules were made in 2007 so should be OK for Orbiter2006-P1. Download link...
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi, I don't usually use UAP MFD but had a quick go with it just now. I can't find any way of setting UAP MFD "engine" parameter to recognise the +Z configuration of the Main Engine, so you'll need to make the burn manually or use different MFD. Cheers, Brian
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    Updates NASA's Mars 2020 Rover

    Excellent launch :thumbup: Someone got the km<->miles conversion backwards. Doh.
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi, I have never used "Soyuz/STS Guidance MFD" so I'm not sure how it will behave. As Donamy says, it is possible the retro direction of the Main engine is causing a problem. Or maybe because the Main engine is disabled when nose-cone is closed. I usually use "Align Planes MFD" and "Rendezvous...
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi, you should open the nose-cone and use the Main engine (nose Dracos) for large dV orbit maneuvers. Use Translation RCS for small maneuvers/docking. Cheers, Brian
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi there, That's not a glitch, it's a feature ;-) I think Donamy wanted the HUD there for docking camera purposes. You can turn off HUD with Ctrl+H iirc. I don't know of any cross-range data. Yes, from ISS orbit ~400km. Arbitrary angle to allow some room for maneuver. If I start making a...
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Updated on OH: version 200722 Fixed the nose-dracos-not-disabled bug. If you don't want to download the whole add-on, the .zip below contains just the new dm2_capsule.dll. Unzip into Orbiter root folder and overwrite old .dll . Cheers, Brian
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Doh! Thanks for the heads-up. I'll take a look.
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    Comet NEOWISE

    I'm very much enjoying seeing all the photos - thanks for sharing :) I had another good view night before last just before 1AM. At the same time I saw the ISS go right overhead, blazing bright gold, followed by a meteor! Top notch :thumbup:
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    Hi, thanks to all for the kind words, I hope it's fun to fly and dock with the ISS. The Abort function is disabled when Dragon is not attached to a launcher or pad - must have been something else! SuperDracos are defined as the "Hover" engine, the "Main" engine (retro nose Dracos) is disabled...