Singaporean/Indonesian Scale Modellers, please answer.


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May 1, 2014
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Hey guys, I am starting to take up a hobby on scale plastic modelling and started off last week with a 1/288 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters from Academy. I am looking forward to building more models, and am willing to build non-fiction spacecraft/rockets.

For those of you Indonesians, do you know any hobby model stores which sell any spacecraft models? I tried to see hobby stores in STC in Senayan but they only sell cars, trains, ships, and planes.

I also go to Singapore sometimes, and can any of you tell me which stores in Singapore sell decent spacecraft hobby models? I've read about Miniature Hobby in Trivex in Tai Seng, and probably is the biggest hobby modelling store in Singapore with over 2 floors. I've read that they sell some space models and a wide range of vehicles (and mainly army vehicles) and pop culture/sci-fi models. I just want to make sure, do they sell a decent collection of non-fiction spacecraft models? If so, do you remember which ones they sell?

I am absolutely a noob in the world of scale modelling, so I think my first space shuttle last week looks like crap. Can any of you experts give me tips on painting without using an airbrush, brushes to use and how to paint neatly and on small details? Thanks.

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Also, one of the things I am looking for is Academy's 1/288 scale Space Shuttle and NASA Transport Boeing 747, particularly the old 80s/90s version. The new one would be great, but has modern shuttle decals and not the classic 80s shuttle design decals, because I want to build a replica of space shuttle Enterprise on the Boeing 747.
(Do you know if Singapore's Miniature Hobby sell any of these?)

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One more thing, I also need help on applying waterslide decals, especially small ones. The shuttle is 1/288 scale which is pretty small!