Simulation for International Institute for Astronautical Sciences


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May 19, 2018
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Hello. We are looking for a developer or developers interested in working with our team to finish simulation of NASA's Orion spacecraft. We are an international 501c3 research and education program (astronauticsinstitute dot org) with a full-scale mock-up of the spacecraft that we use for space suit testing and egress simulation. The simulation has realistic panel from the 2015 variant of Orion with three touchscreens and four external monitors driven by an 8 HDMI graphics card. Other controls are a pair of analog 3-axis controllers and 55 switches (12 of which would be active). There are videos and pictures of the simulator on our website. Future projects could include a lunar lander sim with our EVA space suit gravity-offset laboratory or a Soyuz TMA simulation.

Our students are of upper-division/graduate/professional level that will have completed a course in orbital mechanics. The simulation should be able to support a variety of contingencies that could be introduced by a simulation controller. Students do launch and reentry wtih pressurized space suits. Baseline simulation could involve both ISS docking Design Reference Mission as well as a lunar sortie DRM.

Compensation negotiable. Thanks! I can be reached at jreimuller at hotmail dot com.