General Question LaunchMFD can't change Req. Heading


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Jun 15, 2013
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I've returned to Orbiter after a few years' sabbatical and have brought myself back up to the (basic) level I was previously at. I know about orbits and aligning planes and syncing orbits and enough TransX to get to other planets etc. A hobbyist, if you will.

This is my first time using LaunchMFD, and I've ctrl+F'd the manual and can't find a solution to my problem, which is as follows. Most of the time when targeting the ISS (for example) and launching, the LaunchMFD target cross is based on the wrong Azimuth. If the ISS is ascending (so a Northeasterly direction), it will select the Southeasterly azimuth, sending me 90 degrees in the wrong direction. To make it work, I'm having to fly manually all the way up to orbit, keeping the pitch error as close to zero as possible and keeping the heading error somewhere around -90 to compensate for its failure to use the correct azimuth.

Given that you can choose either heading, surely there's a way of telling the autopilot which one you want to use, but I can't work out how?

Any pointers?!

Thanks in advance :)