Exo planet YZ Ceti b may have a magnetic field


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Jul 8, 2013
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Apparently Trappist 1B which was already known too be too hot for any real atmophere, it can't be ruled out there isn't one. So the webb and the spitzer telescopes have determined this. Forty light years away.

The trappist system has seven planets, and three out of the seven may be promising. Even if so, well what next. Forty light years is a long away away. The Centauri system which is much closer is problematic due to the stars or something, because of that, the study of any planets there is a bit difficult.

The one topic that Mr Fermi couldn't really get at is, what powered the hypothetical life he spoke off to colleagues decades ago. That was something always missing about this subject, even to this day, all films on life on other worlds completely forget the other building blocks of progress of life. Warp 2! I mean, start looking for some coal.


The whole idea was, if the galaxy has been around for millions of years, and all that, it would mean probes from elsewhere would be exploring where ever, but then again the distance is also the problem, but so is the resources.