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wTransX-fschematic Moon Tutorial 2010-06-21


This is a crash-course tutorial for people who already have plenty of experience with Orbiter, but have not had the time or patience to figure out the confusing TransX user interface.  It is a ONE-PAGE schematic diagram showing how to use some simple functions of TransX.  Even if you don't plan on setting up precision multi-stage sligshots at 5 different planets, you may find the basic features incredibly useful and accurate.  TransX can save you some delta-V!!  This tutorial is by no means a complete picture of what the MFD program is capable of, it is merely meant to be a springboard for people who don't want to sit and read a 2-hour tutorial.  In fact the tutorial is shorter than this description!  
Please view the PDF at a zoom level where the TransX screenshots are readable, they are not downsampled and should be clearly legible.  On my computer this is 125%, I don't know what it will be for you it probably depends on monitor resolution.
P.S.  while an Orbiter Novice may be able to sort through this, it will most likely seem like gibberish.  I tried to put the most information in the least space with the most concise wording.
6/22/2010- Fixed MartinS typo, fixed schematic line saying that Orbits to Icept was for changing the orbit view, changed the print size, now set at 11x17 print size.
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