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Doomsday Asteroid MOD 2012-12-14


 SK 2012 presents

The 2008 EA9 DOOMSDAY mod!  Version 1.1
The Doomsday asteroid will now coexist with 2008 EA9 without over writing anything.  No more need to install and uninstall the mod while switching between scenarios.
Recommended Download:
Asteroid 2008 EA9 (dockable) 
by joffrey, found @
Unzip the files into your Orbiter 2010 P1 folder (not tested in any other version)
You will also have to add your own vessel of choice with the scenario editor.  I don't specifically recommend any vehicle because I think trying different spacecraft will be part of the fun.
This mod will create an Earth-impact asteroid approximately 1km in diameter in one of three locations.  This asteroid will impact the Earth in the Mediterranean Sea on May 9, 2002 a little after 12:30, GMT.  The impact could generate a 7.8 earthquake, winds up over 700mph, and a tsunami hundreds of meters high.  Those not vaporized by the fireball will have the clothes on their back ignite as well as receive whole body 3rd degree burns within a radius of over 100km.  Structures exposed to the fireball will spontaneously combust before being blown away like dry ashes.
UNLESS you are able to somehow deflect the asteroid, saving millions of lives and civilization as we know it!  The Doomsday asteroid is a dockable vessel!  It has six docks so that you can experiment with different types of deflection.  This gives you the ability to change it's course with attachable rockets or space tugs, basically anything you can think of with a dock and thrusters.  Have fun!
As an alternative mission, you can attempt to weaponize the asteroid by attaching rockets to it and steering it to the target of your choice like a giant missile while you campaign for global domination.
Other notes:
The Doomsday asteroid does not have the original textures of 2008 EA9; I couldn't figure out how to reapply them so I made it a cool dark nickel-iron color.  This mod is now a stand-alone add-on, as the files have been renamed per joffrey's request.  Now the asteroid files will spawn in the same folder, but no files will be over written. 
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