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SLS for Orbiter 2016 2018-04-29

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This is the SLS add-on for Orbiter 2016. It includes all the SLS rockets under development by NASA, the conceptual Lunar Orbiting Platform-Gateway (previously known as the Deep Space Gateway, DSG) proposed by NASA and several ground support elements such as a crawler, the launch pad, the VAB (with animated doors and lights) and many more. This add-on package also includes a manual and an EM-1 mission flight notes (Thanks Brian!) for orbinauts' reference.
This release marks the completion of the first phase of the SLS add-on series. Future developments include the Europa Clipper add-on, inclusion of EM-2 flight notes and other cubesats available on EM-1. Kindly report any bugs or issues that you encounter on the dedicated OF add-on comments section.
This add-on would not have been completed without the help and assistance of the following parties:
Brian Jones (BrianJ): Beta-testing the add-on and designing trajectories for the EMs 
Zheng Tien (Nicholas Kang): Beta-testing the add-on and creating this manual
Franz Barner (francisdrake): Providing the Orion MPCV spacecraft and support for the LES texture modifications
Dr. David Sundström (DaveS): Providing support for the Crawler lighting and structural designs
(fred18): Creating Multistage2015 for which this project heavily relies on
Derk and Friedrich (IronRain and Face): Providing advice on copyright issues
Dr. Martin Schweiger (martins): Creating this wonderful spaceflight simulator called Orbiter!
…and add-on developers who created great add-ons like IMFD, LTMFD, Lagrange MFD, users who support our project and OH admins who provide a platform for spaceflight enthusiasts to upload their add-ons.
SLS for Orbiter 2016 is copyright by longjap, all rights reserved.
Update (Bug fix):
29th of April: 
1. Fixed boosters separation issue.
2. Fixed Block 2 launch tower issue.
3. Added new guidance file for EM-2 missions (Block 1B Crew) for better ascent profile. 
Nicholas Kang
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