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Lagrange MFD Official Tutorial 2017-04-21

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Lagrange MFD Tutorial is written to assist orbinauts to learn how to use ADSWNJ's Lagrange MFD. This 46-page tutorial teaches orbinauts how to use Lagrange MFD to get to Lagrange point. The tutorial starts with an introduction of Lagrange MFD's screens and a warm-up exercise for newbies. Then, we proceed with the tutorials and learn how to use Lagrange MFD to fly to Lagrange points. Tips on using Lagrange MFD are included as well to help orbinauts in using Lagrange MFD effectively. This tutorial covers both methods to conduct coplanar transfers and off-plane transfers to Earth-Moon and Sun-Earth Lagrange point.
Besides, scenarios are included alongside with the tutorial document. The scenarios are arranged in sequence based on the tutorials in the document. Some of the scenario folders do not contain any scenarios as they serve as a practising ground for orbinauts. Orbinauts are expected to create their own scenarios and it is hoped that they will master Lagrange MFD through those practices.
The author would like to thank:
[*]Keithth G (Keith Gelling) for his Physics and Maths explanation (especially on the concept of orbital resonance and the SEL3 TransX Earth escape plan tutorial HTML)
[*]Enjo (Szymon Ender) for his guidance on using Launch MFD for surface launches from the Moon
[*]BrianJ (Brian Jones) for his IMFD surface launch tutorial
[*]dgatsoulis (Dimitris Gatsoulis) for his tutorial videos and help
[*]blixel (David Courtney) for his Earth to Moon video tutorial (alongside with dgatsoulis)
[*]ADSWNJ (Andrew Stokes) for his excellent Lagrange MFD, his advice on using Lagrange MFD, his permission to use the chaotic orbit screenshot in Page 4 of this tutorial and his final review on this tutorial
[*]martins (Martin Schweiger) for his wonderful Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

(Note: This tutorial is applicable to both Lagrange MFD Orbiter 2010 and Orbiter 2016. The scenarios are created using Orbiter 2016 but they work in Orbiter 2010 as well.)
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