HADDOCK (UMmu version)

HADDOCK (UMmu version) 2014-11-11


This is the English version.
French Version is HERE

Here is in UMmu version the second character from the series included with
my add-on "Tintin sur la Lune" (Tintin on the Moon).

Mandatory add-on :
- UCGO 3.0 + UMmu 3.0 from DanSteph HERE

Recommended add-on (for some scenarios) :
  • Spacecraft3 module from Vinka HERE
  • Tintin sur la Lune (Tintin on the Moon) HERE
  • TINTIN (UMmu version) HERE

Although this character is suited rather with the "Tintin sur la Lune (Tintin on the Moon)" add-on
you can also use it like any other "standard" UMmuwith your vessels (if UMmu compatible) and with all UCGO vehicles.

After install, how to "create" an HADDOCK UMmu :
- Select the UMmu you desire and press [Alt]+[R] keys.
  • in the fist window type the name you wish
  • in the next window type how old is your character
  • in the last window type " HAD "

Thats'it !!!

Of course this add-on installs some new scenarios.
It should be noted that all of these scenarios are scenarios only for "test" ...

Included : a new animation with Haddock descending from the Moon Rocket's airlock !!
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2010-P1
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