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  • Well, of course but it's not that you've to do anything. Take PhantomCruiser and SamuelEdwards for example. I just asked them permission to use them as crew for the mission, but they don't do anything.

    So, if you want to be on the crew for the next mission, Sure! But don't expect that you have to do anything ;)

    i'm not making addons anymore, but surface tiles are quite simple so someone else could do them for you.
    Highly unlikely.
    Martin is apparently making the weather in the next beta, and the graphic clients start to grow up - no point at the moment.
    "Do you mind if I use your Zombie UMMu photo on the Orbiter demotivator thread?All I did was add a frame and text."

    Not at all. Looking forward to seeing it.
    This is not publicized yet, but there is a new repository: this is the first post in it
    Should be able to make libraries this weekend. I'm a little behind.
    CST-100 WIP
    I can't add it, sorry, its over 10 minutes long. What I thought of it? It should have had captions, its hard to keep track in my head especially with all the STS-xx-letter missions. The little bit at the end with the videos is nice, but unnecessary. The pictures weren't timed well with the music, giving it a monotonous pace. Anyways, that's my :2cents:
    Yes ,yes I have.Thanks to google translate I can understand and reply in italian lol.
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