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    Question Which software ecosystem do you use?

    So, here's a random question. Over the years I've ended up with my data, files etc across several ecosystems such as photos in Google photos, general stuff in Dropbox and notes in Evernote. I've also ended up with a OneDrive account as I use MS Office. I'm debating just throwing my lot in with...
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    Update Deepstar development

    @80mileshigh - you are seriously one of my favourite people right now! Loved your previous Deepstars and this looks fantastic, can’t wait to give it a go...thank you!
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    Netflix Challenger documentary

    Just finished watching “Challenger: the final flight”on Netflix, some interesting interviews and worth a watch. Even SWMBO found it interesting...!
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    News 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

    I mentioned it on the Discord as well, but I've created an Orbiter Forum Fantasy F1 league for anyone who is interested: I've not used this particular one before but used to play the old Badger GP game years ago, it can be reasonably...
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    News Reaction Engines News

    Would this be an application for SABRE? If this is only operating at 60,000ft then the SABRE would still be in air-breathing mode, although the performance would still be impressive. I'm assuming cost is a factor, as is the readiness level of SABRE - I'm sure I've heard somewhere that the...
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    Question Rounding the Horn

    I think it's common to use a phrase along the lines of "going around the room" to give everyone an option to raise any points or to confirm if they're happy with a decision. When I've heard it used by Gene Kranz in recordings, books or documentaries that seems to be the context, rather than...
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    Textbook Recommendation, Calculus of Variations

    From your initial post I suspect you are slightly ahead of my level of understanding (I've not heard of calculus of variation yet) already but in case it helps, I had a Google out of curiosity and some parts of it seem to be covered in "Engineering Mathematics" by KA Stroud. Not sure if you've...
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    News Iran naval 'friendly fire' incident kills 19 sailors in Gulf of Oman.

    I suspect it will be incorrect drills from the firing unit. Firing ASCM with other shipping nearby always has the potential for hitting the wrong target especially if there is no datalink to the missile. At least for Harpoon, to try and disguise the firing unit it is common for the firing unit...
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    Any Canadians here...?

    Aha, thanks all! In short, we are looking at travelling with a 3.5 year old and a 6 month old towards the end of March. Questions we have really are how easy is Vancouver as a place to get around with young children, what the weather is like that time of year and specifically we have read a bit...
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    Any Canadians here...?

    As the title says! I have a couple of questions about a trip to Vancouver and was hoping to find someone with a bit of local knowledge if possible?
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    News Navy gets its new toy!

    Slightly late in with a borderline necro-post, but in answer to the question at the top of the page the mast near the bow was an anemometer as the ship's built in system hadn't been fully calibrated and certified for use at that point.
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    News Type 31 Frigate for UK

    You are correct, any island state or globally connected economy has the same issues. There's something of a Trump-esque argument along the lines of some nations taking advantage of the security other nations provide. That said a lot of similar sized developed nations do contribute individual...
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    News Type 31 Frigate for UK

    It's not really a case of ships having a short design life, the existing T23s are pretty old already. Materially they simply need replacing as they are already beyond their original design life. They are still capable but are beginning to show their age and there's only so many times you can put...
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    Creating a specific graph in Excel 2016

    Thanks, I ended up stripping the data out into another table and then producing a graph like the one in the image which seemed to work.
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    Creating a specific graph in Excel 2016

    As part of my degree I'm doing a question which requires me to plot radial strain and hoop strain against the radial position of where the measurements were taken. I have the data in a spreadsheet in Excel 2016 (attached) and so am trying to plot row 25 (mean strain, separated into columns of H...