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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Putting together applications for PhD programs is a nightmare but also kinda exhilarating tbh.
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    Updates SLS Updates

    This program has been called vaporware for the longest time, but it's shaping up more and more like it's actually gonna fly.
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    Updates Artemis Program Updates & Discussions It looks like this is getting some bipartisan support, it might actually happen in this case. Regardless of who wins in 2020 I think it would be hard to cancel this program if the first SLS flies in 2020 or is close to flying status by...
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    Discussion Poll: Views on reusable launch vehicles

    Are there any reusable launchers being proposed other than SpaceX's ITS? I know they're also considering landing the F9 second stage but AFAIK that's still a long shot.
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    News RIP John Glenn

    He was the last of the Mercury 7. The dawn of the space age is slipping further and further into recent memory.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Meanwhile, at Mars One HQ
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    Humor Back to the Future Day - Oct. 21, 2015

    This isn't too far from reality. They had a nostalgia 80s cafe, and right here in my town there's an 80s themed pizza shop. If the Cubs win game 4 tonight they might go to the World Series. Donald Trump is basically Biff (I won't get too into Basement territory). Hoverboards have been invented...
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    What music are you listening to?

    I recently got into Vaporwave. This is the first time I've liked a genre yet also felt a tad too old for it.
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    The Martian

    I saw this thursday night. I'm not always one for comparisons, but IMHO it blew Interstellar out of the water. The casting was spot on, it's definitely what sticks out the most in my memory. Some of the science stuff (i.e. silence in space) had to be changed for the sake of the movie, but that...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Remember what happened last time Matt Damon went to space... :shifty:
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    Question What are you reading?

    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Mars One just released a photo of their spacecraft.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    My Modern Physics professor comes up with some... interesting setups for problems to say the least. Suppose that a cat named Carl of a special breed (felis einsteinus) lives for exactly 9 years according to his own body clock. When Carl is born he is put aboard a spaceship (with his family, of...
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    Programming as a subject of study

    I have a question directed towards the programming and computer science oriented users of the forum. This semester, as a requirement for my Physics degree, I am taking a course of Unix and C. I've found this to be more difficult than I expected. I can understand most concepts and what they do...