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XRSound 2018-07-20


Author: Doug Beachy
XRSound for Orbiter 2016 automatically adds sounds and voice callouts to all Orbiter vessels (not just XR vessels!). Includes over 450 sounds, including all XR vessel voice callouts by actress Sally Beaumontt and 141 ATC callouts from STS-114 and STS-121 featuring CAPCOM Julie Payette.  Check out the full list of features in the XRSound User Manual.   You can also watch a demo of XRSound with Orbiter 2016.
XRSound also includes a new, licensed ambient music track titled "Solar Serenity" by Grzegorz Lorens (Loru on Orbiter-Forum). A lossless version is available here.
For support information about XRSound, refer to this Orbiter-Forum thread.