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XR2 Reconnaissance 2010-09-25


XR2 Reconnaissance Challenge v.1.3 (September 25, 2010)
This is a challenge scenario with Lua helper script (Orbiter 2010-P1 and later).
Minimum requirements
:Orbiter 2010-P1 (and later), by Martin Schweiger.Vandenberg AFB 2.0 by Scott Conklin - Ravenstar MkI 1.1 by Douglas Beachy - 2.0 and UMmu 2.0 by Dan Polli -
Lua scripts courtesy of Martin Schweiger and various authors at OrbiterForum.
Thanks to orb and dgatsoulis for helpful suggestions.
All remaining errors are mine (Wishbone).
Please feel free to use and abuse the Lua script (it's public domain).Installation:
Simply unzip to your Orbiter directory.
Launch Orbiter, choose scenario folder 2010 EditionChallenges and select Recce Mission.scn.
Note: this challenge levels the playing field by setting its own XR2 realism parameters.Situation report:
Your multi-purpose XR2 has recently performed a landing at CCAFS instead of Vandenberg due to weather concerns. She has been urgently re-fitted with special multi-spectral reconnaissance equipment, including a synthesized aperture radar, and given a launch azimuth waiver by the POTUS. The cause of that is an impending crisis in negotiations with the Atlantic-Pacific League and the inability of our conventional spy satellites and other national-level assets to provide adequate coverage of the League's installations in southern Chad, near Kerguelen Island, in eastern Nepal and at their leased base at Ascension Island.
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