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Updated G42-200 Starliner 2020-02-06

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The G42-200 is a state-of-the-art aircraft capable of accelerating out of the atmosphere and into low earth orbit - Categorized as a spaceplane, the G42 features airliner-like handling characteristics which makes it optimal for low-cost space travel and cargo lifting based on conventional or mildly adapted airfields at a fraction of the costs usually associated with space operations.
Fitted with a set of two RT66 Turbo-Rocket Hybrid cycle jet engines, and the ground-breaking RAMCASTER ram/scramjet system, the G42 can reach orbital velocity by simply flying out of the atmosphere, ascending as an airplane relying on its wings for lift, ultimately firing its engines in pure-rocket mode for a final boost towards orbit.
General features:
[*]Highly detailed DVC with oodles of clickable switches, 6 functional EICAS displays, and 6 MFD's.
[*]Realistic flight dynamics and engine model, featuring simulated fuel pumps, startup/shutdown, wing positions, flight controls, and more.
[*]A wealth of animated moving parts on both the VC and the exterior model.
[*]Custom sounds including proper turbines ramp-up/down effects.
[*]A large bay that can carry up to 8 UCSO cargoes.
[*]Improved model and textures since the last release.
[*]Full D3D9 graphics client compatibility.

Check the development thread for bug reports and progress updates.
You need UCSO and Dynamic XRSound to enable cargo management and sound support.
This is the updated version of Moach's original spaceplane.
Abdullah Radwan
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