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STPSP Additional Systems: Iconia 2023-05-31


STPSP: Iconia is an auxiliary entry in the Star Trek Planetary Systems Project (STPSP). This is an attempt to accurately portray the major planetary systems in the Star Trek universe (with some conjecture, mostly in the form of some ideas of mine.) A fan of the series almost since birth, I wanted to recreate the planetary systems so that it would be possible to create scenarios in them. The Iconia system is home to one planet and one surface base. The planetary arrangement is a basic representation based on on-screen evidence. The one surface base requires the Mars 2060 add-on for meshes. In addition, you will require the Trek Pack, Type 9 Shuttlecraft, USS Enterprise-D, D’Deridex-class Romulan Warbird (Trekkie's version), STPSP: Romulus, and Iconian Probe (the latter currently awaiting release by Trekkie) add-ons for some of the scenarios. As for this system, I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!
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