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Space Shuttle Ultra 4.2 2016-12-05


Space Shuttle Ultra is an attempt to create a realistic simulation of the Space Shuttle. Although it has many updates and corrections over the last version, one of the major changes to SSU 4.0 is the inclusion of the Centaur and IUS upper stages. This is the last for Orbiter 2010P1. 
*** Major changes from SSU 4.1 ***
[*]corrected issues with orbiter mesh
[*]added normal maps to OMS pods
[*]corrected MECO parameters of some missions

*** Major changes from SSU 3.0 ***
[*]corrected orbiter vehicle textures
[*]corrections to external airlock and tunnel adapter
[*]fixed orbiter vehicle mesh
[*]fixed Item 27 issue for OMS-2
[*]small corrections to RMS systems and its cameras
[*]corrected colors in displays
[*]added some functionality to Ku-band antenna (radar and manual slew)
[*]added Centaur upper stage and its vc panel
[*]added IUS upper stage and its vc panels
[*]updated HUD graphics
[*]fixed wrong WT parameter in MNVR display
[*]fixed issue with timer
[*]new texture for RMS
[*]fixed position of PLB handrails
[*]fixed reentry mesh not showing
[*]corrected the painting scheme on FWC SRBs
[*]corrected RMS and OBSS meshes
[*]new ET meshes

Please read the included SSU Readme First.txt file for installation instructions and required addons.
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