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Old-Atlas-Series for Multistage 2015 and Orbiter 2016 2021-04-17

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The following is a complete overhaul of the original Old-Atlas-Series add-on by thexfiles19 for use with Multistage2015 and Orbiter 2016. Several things were changed such as the heads-up orientation for the launch vehicles and a complete reworking of the configuration files for each vehicle to make these launchers as accurate as possible to the real thing. Painstaking work was taken to insure that each stage of the launch vehicles respected the published engine specific impulses that they had in actuality.
Required Add-Ons:
D3D9 Client for Orbiter 2016 (7-Sep-2020 Build)    
Interplanetary MFD and Lunar Transfer MFD 
Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2016 by fred18 
Project Mercury X for Orbiter 2016 by asbjos 
TransX 2018.05.06 MMExt2 for Orbiter 2016 by enjo