DeltaGlider remastered textures WIP v0.1

DeltaGlider remastered textures WIP v0.1 0.1


These are the remastered textures for the DeltaGlider. They are still unfinished but still look good. Includes a shiny mesh for the DeltaGlider S. It also includes the original sources so you can enhance them or make your own textures. I hope you enjoy them, happy orbiting with your freshly washed and polished DeltaGlider!

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  1. 2016
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Matias Saibene
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1000 thanks first !! - As a re-rookie, still confined to the beloved DeltaGlider, I just needed your beautiful brush-up (it is a bummer in 4k). Another big THANKS for the templates - gonna learn how to use them! bye, bye spare time.... Last: can not wait for the shiny meshes (and a template version v.1.0) - wanna fly the most beautiful DG-Mk4 ever....
P.S. To Krishnan : there is a blue version in the pack in: ../Textures/DG/Skins
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Would love to see the same for the blue and green DGs !
I really loved this mod.
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