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    Announcement Wibiya Web Toolbar removed

    Thank you. I was never a fan of it either and always had to disable it. :P
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    Announcement Bad RAM is bad

    Turns out the server had a bad memory module in it. That was the cause for the server outage this morning and late last night. It has now been replaced and appears to be working again for the time being. I'll be keeping a much closer eye on the server for the next few days. Hopefully I'll be...
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    Announcement Expected outage today

    New memory is in. The wait is over.
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    Announcement Expected outage today

    The server will be taken offline for 15-30 minutes some time today for a RAM upgrade. I'll be posting again once the upgrade is complete.
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    News Forums and OH back online again

    Sorry all for the sudden downtime just now. With the recent DoS attack revealed for Apache, I thought it would be a good idea to get this patched up sooner rather than later. We should be good to go once again. Thank you all for your patience. If you notice any incorrect site behavior...
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    OHM F-302

    I've notified the uploader of the add-on. If it isn't corrected by the end of the day, I'll remove the listing from the site until it is fixed.
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    News Server Back Online

    As far as I can tell there are no problems with either site. Please contact me directly with more details about the problem you are seeing.
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    News Server Back Online

    And we're back again (well, have been for some time now). For anyone who's curious about the downtime earlier today, the cause was a DDoS attack against a wide range of servers at the hosting facility which holds this server. We were not one of the targets, but the attack managed to bring down...
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    To further clarify, the Orbit Hangar Mods database also stores passwords using a one-way hash and these are the values that the attacker stole. One-way hashes can be defeated by building a lookup table. If the attacker has a robust enough lookup table, he can easily dereference all of the...
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    Announcement Orbit Hangar Mods Logins Reactivated

    Orbit Hangar Mods is open once again for users to log in and upload content. If you have an OHM-only login, your password has been reset for you. That is, if you do not log in to Orbit Hangar Mods using your Orbiter-Forum account, you will need to submit a password reset request here...
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    It was a malicious information gathering attack. Fortunately I was able to put a stop to it before it went too far. Unfortunately that came at the cost of me having to take the site offline, but better that than to have more user information harvested. The attacker specifically targeted users...
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    Orbiter time line

    I believe there are actually a few versions missing from my site that I was unable to get. I believe that was because not even Martin has them any more. :P
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    Gaming Stargate DHD sim

    That's been out for a while. It's a half-life 2 mod. Just google for it.
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    "Evil" Addon Developer

    Let's not turn this into a moral/philosophical debate thread.
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    (Uploading problem) UCGO to XR series compatible cargos

    Uploading problems should be fixed now. Please try again.