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  • Really, sorry if I overstepped by talking about it. But I didn't give away details and I was more or less amused. If the post got removed, no difference really. I thought it was rather funny, not an insult. Yes, it was personal... but oh well... I hope this won't matter.
    Hi Blake. I'm glad I can contribute to this community. It's a great community with great people, something we (you) can be proud of.

    Thank you for your wishes, it was a great day :)

    Hi, Dont know if you've been following the off topic thread "Calling all orbinauts". There is a project being spearheaded by a grad student that wants to send hundreds of tiny satellites into very LEO to test some theories that started by observing dust particles. Each thing would transmit up to 4 letters and we could listen to it. A real probe! Some of us were thinking of helping the project out by sponsoring a fleet of these "Sprites" and using the fleet name Orbiter. While I dont think that Dr Martin has a copyright on the word, just wanted to run it past him and see if we would mind. We might even have the thing transmitting the initials DMS. Do you have a way for me to contact him?

    Thanks,. Dave
    Hi, nice new film you made, Tex. I was amazed to see one; Very good indeed!!
    Hiya Tex! Well, I seem to have messed something up with my uploaded photos.

    I was trying to delete a shot from the member gallery by right-clicking on the image to see if 'delete' came up in the drop-down menu. It didn't, but I somehow selected the option, "block from orbiter-forum.com".

    A window opened, I clicked the 'cancel' button, then the 'back' button to go back to my gallery page to try and find a delete photo option, when I realized that none of my photos were showing. The names were, but not the photos. Additionally, all my shots have disappeared from the screenshot thread.

    Obviously I did something wrong, but I've no idea how to undo it. Please tell me I didn't vaporize them!

    And Thank You, Tex, for this great place.:cheers:

    If you are the one who makes the TexFilms, I need to say...Amazing job. I have subscribed to your TexFilms on YouTube and am looking forward to many more videos in the future. Also, I have to ask, did it take you a long time to learn how to operate the Orbiter with the skill and expertise you exhibit? or are you just a natural genius? or maybe both???

    Thanks again and please keep those videos comng, I just downloaded the program and I am totally overwhelmed by it...and your videos on the trip in the XR2 from Wideawake to Brighton Beach?...well, enough said, my head is still spinning..lol. May I add you as a friend? I do not have any yet and you seem a nice sort...thank you.
    Hey, Tex. I just thought I'd tell ya that I am creating a Star Trek (ish) movie featuring the DG. It's called "Warp Speed". Does it sound like a good name?
    I went to the Orbiter Store. I saw a poster by Coolhand that will look awesome in my room. I'm looking for a poster that displays the image at Orbiter homepage. I have permission from faculty to hang movie sized posters in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, and Computer Science with a flier announcing an Orbiter "club" on campus. The posters will come down after the second week of instruction leaving only the fliers till the next semester. Coolhand's is great and will do in a pinch. Thanks
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