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  • would be no problem!
    as long as it's possible to you (I only suggested other platforms for the cfase that it is too long)
    no problem - i know that from myself - SU and REOTIO stopped for some time, because I couldn't make scenarios, because Orbiter was unable to save scenarios... (solved now - there were just to many scenarios in the scenariofolder...)
    so I think since it is not your fault: no problem!
    are you maybe able to convert it into FLV - or ANY other compressed Video-format (MP4, WMV, mov, ...)
    that might make the upload faster.
    I started work last week, but since I had much other things to do at some days I worked on this 4 days of active WORKING and 3 days of looking and sligly improving a bit
    Or more elegant:
    let the player find a button with wich he can destroy the spawner.
    I can build it so that the time the player needs to find these button is excactly enough for one Ghast to spawn.
    That's what I'll do than - later. For first you have to set peaceful as soon as you killed one ghast and set back easy again after returning t earth.
    Oh and another tip:

    There's a sign in the entrance of nether wich says I made it a bitsome easier.
    I plan to do it, but I didn't finish this til now, so you turn on peaceful AS SOON AS you hae killed one ghast (ghasts are those :censored: flying ... things)
    because I want to delete all the GHAST-spawners and than let only one GHast stay in nether.
    If this will not be possible I plan to make a trap at the spawner wich makes that the spawner gets destroyed (by a single TNT-block) as soon as the first GHAST leaves
    that's because I think this Ghasts are really cool, but when the player has to fight many of more than one or two of them down it would be to hard...
    The time needed for the minecraft map might be an hour or a bitmore, maybe a bit less, too.
    I'm really impressed by my laptop given the price I paid for it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Sorry I wasn't on today, I completely forgot I had a dentist appointment.
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