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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    This is making me feel old! :unsure:
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    what happened to the hail probe emote

  3. strainplot


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    Creating a specific graph in Excel 2016

    you mean something like this? this is an xy plot with series lines added. if you want to make something like this in excel you have to specify the x series and then add whatever y series exist. then the data have to be in order (x ascending)
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Last year when this guy was leading his funding campaign some folks found evidence that he "became" a flat-earther to finish his project. The story was that he was a daredevil and always wanted to do this as a stunt but no one was interested in funding it as a daredevil project. Probably...
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    First Interstellar Asteroid Spotted

    And probably the first people in line to pay that fortune would be scientists wishing to analyze it! :lol:
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    What Germans lack in skill they make up for with precision.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    at +:39 to :41 seconds it looks... cautious or leary... very interesting! edit: it walks somewhat lower, slower, and approaches in a slightly rounded arc
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    Friendly criticism: I feel like the arms are leaning a bit into the realm of stick-bug appendage. I know it's a slippery slope and you probably don't want her to look like a gorilla, but there must be a happy medium ?
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

  11. Insertion Preparations

    Insertion Preparations

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    News Antonov An-148 with 71 people onboard missing after taking off from Moscow

    I wonder if they were in white-out conditions and just couldn't see that they were descending?
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    News Antonov An-148 with 71 people onboard missing after taking off from Moscow

    to clarify- The plane? or just the engines??
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    HAIL PROBE! Just what is the Probe!? []

    Lack of notability!? I feel confident that the probe will transmit a signal of destruction upon this puny, infidel website!:chainsaw:
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    General Question Launching DGIV to orbit as payload

    I feel like there used to be an actual specific addon DG booster :hmm: Ah, it was a Velcro rocket. I have no idea if Velcro works with 2016