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    Project Mir station complex / UR-500 family

    On holidays, I'll work on the Proton ASAP so you can launch those nice modules 👍
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    Project Auch/Gers (LFDH) Airport

    This would be awesome for big cities, but Auch hasn't a single 3D building (yet) on Google Earth. I think I'll do the (simplified ?) cathedral which is a visual reference for VFR and really dominates the town.
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    OHM D3D9 R4.7 supporting Terrain Toolkit

    @jarmonik said he'll try to update it to the latest version, it would be very cool ?
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    Project Universal Astronaut and Cargo System (UACS)

    I remember a couple of add-ons that worked that way (Velcro Rockets namely...)
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    Project Universal Astronaut and Cargo System (UACS)

    Are you sure those are meters and not an arbitrary scale ? In Orbiter by convention "SCALE 1.2" means "upscale mesh by x1.2 (factor)", and not "upscale to 1.2 meters (unit of lenght)".
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It seems that President Joe Biden got infected and takes Paxlovid...
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    Why do spaceships not burn during atmospheric entry like in Star Trek and Star Wars?

    A very nominal Soyuz recovery (Expedition 37/1) :
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    OHM TX winged space launcher, release 5

    I'm not sure the D3D9 Client is the main issue. If you look at the first post : The latest Orbiter version is 2016, and there's no "backwards compatibility". If you really want to run the addon, you have to get Orbiter 2006 (it should still be around somewhere).
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    Question Installing addons

    I prefer the ones that unzip directly in the right folders. Simpler is better. Then yes, no file should be added to the root directory, there's a doc folder for a reason. And in that doc folder you should have the addon docs in a subfolder.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    It's not designed for that. Various lunar probes over the years gave us excellent optical and radar already. And we know what to expect on the surface, 6 Apollo missions landed on various sites.
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    Project Air Breathing Turbojet Engine Model for Orbiter

    Hello, I think the rather large DG generates much more drag than the dart-shaped Mirage 2000. For afterburner you have several choices. You can use hover, scram or (inverted) retro thrusters, as the 2000 has none of those. Now in simulators like DCS A/B engages once the thottle is close from...
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Nothing and no one is eternal. Webb has a service life like any satellite or space probe and in a decade or two will likely become another piece of space junk, yes, but until then it works as expected and will collect a huge lot of extremely valuable data.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Soon only in Orbiter, given how those are burning in France and the whole mediterranean basin ? ??
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Good news, it seems I forgot to check the "sort meshgroups by name" option in the exporter. So, with the foilage being the last meshgroup and the code fix provided by @jarmonik , it is much better ! 1) The DG is now correctly rendered 2) the "foilage plates" have stopped conflicting each others...
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    Project Auch/Gers (LFDH) Airport

    Hi-res photorealistic runway :