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  • Hi Kaito, I answered some of your questions in the forum about "EVA crashes PC" and "Refueling the DGIV". No response from you untill now. Did it helped you?
    Well, Orbiter kinda got me interested in it. Seems that if it actually becomes affordable, i'd LOVE to do it. But, if i could, i would LOVE to be an astronaut
    I dont know how long I've been using it. Longer than you, but I wouldn't say consistently, so you probably are better than me. So is space travel something you really want to do?
    Today I completed my first Earth to Moon Lunar transfer. My sense of accomplishmet however was short-lived as Orbiter crashed as I was preparing my descent. I tried again just now--and yet again it crashed. It happens right when I start using Aerobrake MFD to line up with Brighton. It happens consistently. Can anyone help?

    Aerobrake works fine for Earth re-entry and very reliably. I'm confused.

    And seperately, I just downloaded the ESS space station but I can't find it in the scenario editor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I've been messing around with orbiter for...Since July 30th (I checked the install date on it).

    And thanks. I know, it was kinda stupid, but as long as i'm having fun with it, i dont care. :p
    I read you story about the rescue on the moon, and thought it was pretty cool. How long have you been using Orbiter?
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